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    sy ingin mencari kepada sesiapa yang boleh tolong kan run project sy ni.. program da .exe tp, xleh nk run cleaner and restore. please, need some help. direct contact qaiyum 0176633924

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    I need a python/c+ scraper to request specific websites/apis for proxy lists (some paid some free) and then check them against certain websites that I can input/change and edit. I want the proxy grabbing and checking to be as fast as possible. I want it in windows software form (.exe) with an auth dashboard that I may sell the software on a subscription basis, but also use the software to post the...

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    Hi i need to analyze MP3 file to its information every second of the song. The results will be in excel file, each row will be info of musical instrument, and any other digital info of the mp3. It should run as one EXE file, no installation, no console, fully automatic. command line batch, with parameters: 1. original mp3 file with path, 2. output excel file with path. Can u?

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    hi i need to separate a song music MP3 to two separated MP3 files: 1. music, 2. vocals. I need only ONE exe file, that will run fully automatic as batch command line, no console and no installation, and will get 3 parameters: 1. original mp3 file name with path, 2. output mp3 music file with path, 3. output mp3 vocals file with path. I will need to see working sample. tnx

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    I need an .exe that can auto run without prompts, that renames all files within subfolders to remove special characters from the beginning of filenames & if the subfolder has more than 5,000 files, sorts them into further sub-sub-folders A-Z and 0-9 depending on file name. If it was previously run and already created folders A-Z and 0-9 then move the files into those folders even if they are u...

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    Our Idea: We need a SAAS system - "Full Productivity Monitoring" system for Windows (all versions) with a online Dashboard. What this system do: Powerful employee (multiusers) performance analyser work tracker with screenshots, Windows history, Brownser Activities, timesheets in-depth reports (Day, Week, Months) with graphics perfomance, time of Mouse and keyboard activity, APPs & ...

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    record audio as windows start 3 hari left

    Need a executable which runs automatically in the background as windows start and records audio. Should not be classified as [log masuk untuk melihat URL] be appear only in the process but not on task bar or system tray. There should be no dependencies and all must be in one exe. Budget for the project is INR 2000 fixed. Third party apps are not needed.

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    Build an audio plugin virtual instrument in VST, VST3, AU, & AAX formats. I will provide the audio samples (.wav) & artwork, along with the parameters for the effect knobs (volume, EQ, cutoff, etc). Must be compatible with Win & Mac, 64 bit (also 32 bit version if possible), compatible with FL Studio, Ableton Live 10, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, etc. Exe file. Must be able to incorporate var...

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    Hello, I have a program which is built on C++. I want a simple loader with login,registration and hwid lock system for selling it. It could be mybb or other forum systems doesnt matter. Note: It's not a dll,it's a basic exe which is using as hwid [log masuk untuk melihat URL] need to develop any injector or something like this.

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    Proyecto menu .net 3 hari left

    Tenemos un proyecto en .net c# 32 bit en el cual capturamos aplicaciones, en este caso las aplicaciones están desarolladas en Genexus .net, llamamos al ejecutable .exe con unos parametros de id de sesión y después lo capturamos para que sea un Hijo del menu. El problema que tenemos es que en el momento que realizamos la primera captura el menustrip funciona muy lento y tambi...

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    9 bida

    hi i need an exe, batch command line program that gets 2 parameters: url, mp3 file as output.

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    Exe File Change 23 jam left

    Exe File Change Logo Update and site

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    Hello, i need c# developer to edit exe client and create some task after editing for this exe.

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    Hello, I need support to create .exe file in windows forms c# .net using Visual Studio 2019 along with .mdf file. This .exe file could be installed in all windows operation Systems windows 7,8 and 10 all versions.

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    Hello i would like to route some extension to other internet source if possible like .iso /exe / mp3 /mp4 / npk /rar and other kind of downloads

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    I am looking for a Freelancer to Hire for my Project - Desktop Based Auto Backup Application Development. This Desktop Based Auto Back Application shall cover the following points. 1). Source of Data - User be allowed to select the Source Data - (Multiple Data - Folders - from Multiple local PC/Network PC) 2). Destination of Backup - user be allowed to select a Destination path - (any Folder i...

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    3 bida

    hi i have a software developed with c++ , i need expert to help me protected my .exe

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    10 bida

    Refactor Capture Project We need to refactor the capture project that currently captures images from the webcam and two monitors from a notebook and send its to server. Currently this project handles all functionality in a single project that generates three .EXE files Requirements: 1) Each of the .exe files must be separated into a distinct project. 2) All separate projects must contain the so...

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    5 bida

    I need to edit a file in an MSI. it will be a change in the exe for some text and links. It only some cosmetic changes. Do you have the capability to do that.

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    1 bida

    I want the code to add my program allow in windows firewall for work all windows version. The code is c++ in dll project for my exe program use. For mor detail please chat.

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    2 bida

    I have locked myself out of my own software due to hard drive failure. I no longer have access to the HWID database so I'm unable to add my new computer/hard drive to the software. I need the HWID lock removed from the software. The software is written with python. I have the EXE de-compiled AND I have a complied version of the software. I'm unable to remove the HWID lock as I do not kno...

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    Looking for a C#, .NET FRAMEWORK developer who is familiar with TDAmeritrade. IF YOU NEVER WORKED WITH TDAMERITRADE API - THIS IS NOT YOUR PROJECT, THERE NO TIME FOR A LEARNING CURVE. YOU MUST SHOW EXAMPLES OF C# CODE THAT YOU USED FOR AMERITRADE TO QUALIFY FOR THIS JOB. We are building an application to place automatic trades with TD Ameritrade API. The key requirements are 1) It should run ...

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    20 bida

    Hello there, I want a Sip Server or Sip Phone ready made code. Functionalities that I need the most is: 1) When one user calls another user through our server and that user does not exists server must call one exe. 2) Sip phone must have a feature to accept multiple calls on one device redirecting calls to specified list of microphones and speakers in a text file. Note : We do not want to dev...

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    2 bida

    hello, I have a problem that make release exe with qtwebbrowser. Although I make release exe and gather related dll, release exe don't run on the windows that don't install qt. Other exe run well, only qtwebbrowser exe is not. who can help me? you can test with qt webbrowser sample, check upladed image. Thanks and wait good news.

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    15 bida

    I need a exe that will be ran as a batch job. It will query a URL for a list of links and download the files indicated by these links. Batch job is to be written as a command line interface using c#. program to take in at least 2 arguments, the URL location to get the list of links and a path argument to copy the files to. Program is to use the credential of the account running the batch job to ac...

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    14 bida

    Hi! Hope you are doing well. I'm searching for a very talented and experienced python programmer specialized in machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning, so in keras, tensorflow, open ai gym or other frameworks. I need a reinforcement-learning-trained chess engine that s able to beat top engines like komodo and stockfish and possibly lc0. I don't consider alphazero beca...

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    20 bida

    Create a small windows application (exe) to read an Exce or CSV file. And process the data, one column has 2 values (separated by comma). Find that record and separate the comma values into new record & generate csv file..

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    11 bida

    Complete code is done and is perfectly running in development mode, when building the production the exe doest find the sqllite3 file.

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    3 bida

    Need to create client side login application with Username and password once the user log in it will send the information to server side that will connect to mssql database to get value from an table and send this value to the client side application and after that the application will send static parameters to an exe in same directory

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    10 bida
    Python Project Tamat left

    Currently I have an executable file that's extracted. I am unsure if it is obsculated, and I am currently looking into that. I would need the following for me to release any funds, and mark the project complete. The following requirements: 1. deobsculate the files so it can be seen, and read in plain text. 2. compile the code to run the .exe with no issues clicking on anything with the app o...

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    5 bida

    I want to find person who can create a EXE or .BATCH file. for 1 - Create Folder by input how many we want 2 - Create Shortcut google chrome with a target of Profile number 3 - Copy folder to folder Bit yours

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    5 bida

    We need to create a simple floating window, "Always on Top" that shows the content of a TXT located on a fixed and shared folder in the network. - has to work with Windows 10. - Should be text size 10. arial font is ok - will show only 3 lines - has to refresh (read the txt) every minute - has to be always on top of the screen - has to be movable over the screen by the user - at start o...

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    11 bida

    I need a customized wamp server exe, when run automatically php, apache and mysql will run. During start the server a flash screen should display, then browser will open and site will run. Please send me the details, if you work on the same or you can able to provide us this. Similar like - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Another link - [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    3 bida

    Need a stand alone application (exe). Before all, the app must move files from path (table with users and path) to main folder to upload. Must read all content from a directory (var to path), and upload to server via ftp (vars to ip server, user and password). After complete upload call 2 url: first to diag if uploaded is exactly same and file local, second to confirm to server file uploaded. On t...

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    8 bida

    I want a C# based sample source code to control my Skype program (ver 8.*). The latest version of the Skype (Desktop) program does not support Skype4com.dll. I want a simple WinForm UI source code that provides: 1. View the Contact List (Friends) 1. Answer to chat request.(Open Chat) 2. Send a text message 3. Receive text messages 4. Close chat and 5. You should be able to compile it into an .ex...

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    10 bida

    Convert a vb script with input parameters to an exe file. It's a simple vb script with some WSCRIPT commands in it and takes 2 input parameters. Need to convert into exe file on my computer. Need the work urgently. Vb script is completely tested and working fine.

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    2 bida

    Dear developer, Kindly check below mentioned required list. If you have no knowledge about this project please leave this project. A) Description About Apps. 1. Anyone can purchase Premium status for 1 Month, 3 Month, 12 Month (Auto Renew must included) from apps by using any kinds of payment gateway. 2. Sign in/Free sign up (anyone can signup by using Email or business mail Exe: stuart@etc(.)c...

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    12 bida

    I need senior electron react dev to work in existed project. This project was made by using electron react boilerplate. That is working well in dev env, but after generating exe, some css are broken and some library is not working. If you are expert in this task, please dm. Good luck!

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    34 bida

    I need you to develop a brush to smooth any mesh surface in unity 3D. writing C++ code and creating unity scene for testing. it have to work just as the Smooth brush of the Pixologic zbrush. we already have the other brushes and the scene for sculpting. i just need you to create a brush for smoothing any surface by averaging the displacement of vertices. the brush scale over which smoothing t...

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    4 bida

    Did Any one have Best Private packer or obfuscation for .net exe. Which is not easy to reverse.

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    5 bida

    Hello, I need to learn how to hooking a .dll or .exe then call it, write an simple engine hooking for game Can you teach me? inbox and tell me how much you take.

    $10 - $50
    $10 - $50
    0 bida

    Is it possible to extract code from a .exe file? Will the code afterward be possible to be modified and create a new exe file. I need some modification to a Delphi pascal built programer. Basic this is a program to fit numerical data from laboratory instruments.

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    12 bida

    Hi Developer, I'm looking for readymade software for the Retail Store for Cash sales & purchase Features must have 1. Inventory Management - Purchase price and selling price profit 2. Cash Sales 3. Cash Purchase 4. Account - Ledger 5. Contra/Reciept 6. Expense 7. Reports 8. Profit & loss Please Note : Please share the demo exe file and pricing I need readymade software so please d...

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    7 bida

    want to make a coupon lottery project where the coupon can be drawn and reciept will be generated for the same. the database will be on cloud based and thus by this i attached the following front view of the same. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    7 bida

    Python exe extract to source code 2 files

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    13 bida

    I need you to develop a brush to smooth any mesh surface in unity 3D. writing C++ code and creating unity scene for testing. we already have the other brushes and the scene for sculpting. i just need you to create a brush for smoothing any surface by averaging the displacement of vertices. the brush scale over which smoothing takes effect, depends almost entirely on the subdivision level of the ...

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    Hi developers, I need someone to install an already existing web scraper based on Python 2.7 on our Linux web server. Currently, the scraper runs on Windows, so it might need some adjustments. It is a plain .py file, the only .exe used is for chromedriver.exe. Google APIs for Sheets and Drive are used. Cron job must be configured. Besides that, the script needs to be extended like the following:...

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    21 bida

    i need some improvements on an python code: Improvements: 1. Right now the code is able to read only the xls files. I need an improvement that let the code read also xlsx excel format 2. Add the code (provided - just to add) for splitting and merging in the widget. Adding code for changing icon. 3. Identify in which page the program has found the value. (we can add a Find value in the menu bar) ...

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    24 bida

    Hi, would like to see if the software is secure enough to be released so anyone with experience with disassembly exe files. Thanks for any interest.

    $1268 (Avg Bid)
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    15 bida