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    I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a simple crack detection system using deep learning techniques. The project involves detecting surface cracks in metal surfaces images. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in deep learning and computer vision algorithms - Experience with developing and training Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) - Knowledge of image processing techniques for crack detection - Familiarity with working with real-world image datasets Key requirements: - Develop a simple deep learning model to detect surface cracks in metal surfaces images - The model should be able to accurately classify and localize cracks in the images - The system should be able to handle metals surfaces images conditions. Optional skills: - Experience with other deep learn...

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    Project Title: cPanel Shared License for Personal Use I am in need of a freelancer who can provide me with a cPanel shared license for personal use. I am looking to host more than 7 domains on my cPanel. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in working with cPanel licenses and installation - Knowledge of cPanel shared licenses and their limitations - Understanding of domain hosting and management on cPanel - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues related to cPanel licensing - Familiarity with cPanel's features and functionality If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal with details of your previous work related to cPanel licenses and domain hosting.

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to create an online escape room game designed for adults. It is for my business english class. It should include clues on how to write emails, dingbats, fill in the blanks, crack the emoji codes. Etc all using and learning business english. The desired difficulty level of the game is medium, so it should have enough challenging puzzles and obstacles to keep players engaged. Additionally, the game should be inspired by a theme of Learning Business English, enabling players to expand their knowledge of the language while also having an entertaining and captivating experience. The ideal freelancer should be able to combine puzzles and learning elements in an innovative, exciting way. I need it in a format that my students can access easil...

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    We have done DA 60+ backlinks, written long articles, integrated across GSC, Analytics and added paid search. But we still cannot seem to crack the 300 impressions per day cap. We are looking for someone that knows the answer and can help us fix this issue. We already have gone through and add content to over 80% of media-tags, video_category_tags, video_tags... Please do not send me a GENERIC SEO PLAN. site is

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    Wanted: Turn my book into a movie. I want to transform the book into either a movie or a mini series. Here’s the official Amazon blurb. Title: The Zurich Printout Description: In this high-octane espionage thriller, the secretive world of Swiss banking collides with the clandestine operations of international intelligence agencies. When two friends inadvertently crack the code to Zurich's most closely guarded numbered accounts, they uncover a web of intrigue that stretches from the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., to the heart of the Kremlin and the sanctified halls of the Vatican. As suspicions escalate, the Americans point fingers at the Russians, believing it to be a provocative act of espionage, while the Russians are equally convinced that it...

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    ...prepping with paper, pressure washing, sealant, brush and a roller. I want the brush to be more accurate than the roller on coloring the background. and the roller to not be easy to paint the edges. a sealant tube to treat cracks. if they don't prep the walls i want the paint to appear outside of the lines. I want 3 examples/ Radom maps. 1 a perfect new wall. 2. existing concrete wall with a crack. 3. An existing painted wall that wants the new color a shade lighter. These are examples of some different conditions. The tool chest will have all the painting stuff needed and then some tools not needed like, hammer, saw, power tool. if you use something not needed for the job its game over and it will say you lost your contract and were kicked off site! I want to ga...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help me decrypt a password for an encrypted archive (.rar file). I have no information about the password, so the freelancer will need to use their expertise to crack it. The decryption process needs to be done immediately. Skills and experience required for this project: - Strong background in password cracking and decryption - Proficiency in working with encrypted archives, specifically .rar files - Familiarity with various password cracking techniques and tools - Ability to work quickly and efficiently under time constraints

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    Forest and Crack AI Tasks: - Image recognition Level of Accuracy: - Highly accurate Data: - Extensive data available for training Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in image recognition algorithms and techniques - Strong knowledge of machine learning and AI - Experience in training AI models with large datasets - Familiarity with data sourcing and preprocessing techniques

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me to crack a C++ interview in the field of Embedded systems. Specific Topics to Cover: - Embedded systems concepts - Strong C/C++ programming skills - Must aware of communication protocols like SPI, I2C, UART. Areas of Concern: - I need an expert who can help me to crack the interview for C++ Developer. Interview Duration: - I need 1-2 hours of interview support. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong coding experience of C/C++ and Embedded systems concepts. - Experience with using Ottr. - Experience with asnwering behavioural type of questions during the interview. - Experience in answering for technical interviews in the field of Embedded systems with a real time experience. - Familiarity with common interview questions and a...

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    Hello, We have the financials which need to be formulated on a standard basis (approved by biggest VCs) so we can start raising funds. 3 scenarios needed. Looking for a financial crack who work as a VCs or as head of finance for a startup that succeeded in fund raising. Thank. PS: budget to be discussed

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    I am looking for an Android developer to create an education app. This app will help students and professionals crack technical interviews. It should have interactive features like tracking progress, quizzes, etc. Features: - QnA - Questions and Answers focused on cracking interviews - Education material Language Support: - The app does not need to support multiple languages. I am also open to partnerships and the revenue can be shared.

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    Software code Tamat left

    Hi, I'm looking for someone with software engineering and coding experience to help me crack the hacker rank exam. If anyone of you have previously cracked the exam or have suitable experience in a language and letting me pass all the test cases. The task requires only 2 hrs of ur time.

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    ...after 45 days from now. Job is of a Deputy Manager with the role of Assistant Analyst, I understand the importance of strong communication in meetings, discussions, and day-to-day work. I am looking to enhance my speaking, listening, and understanding of English, especially in the context of professional terminologies and corporate communication. Note: Currently I am jobless and I really want to crack this Job because of Designation and Role it offers. What I'm Looking For: Strong Communication Skills: I am looking for a tutor with excellent English language skills, both spoken and written. Professional Focus: The tutor should have experience in teaching English for professional environments, with a focus on corporate communication and terminologies. Accelerated Learning...

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    I am searching for a COMSOL specialist to run a simulation for our laser polishing process. We expect the simulation to analyze the heat distribution, thermal stresses, melt pool evolution and heat affected zone (HAZ), fluid flow, crack propagation. I have provided some information regarding the aims of project. I have all the necessary data and parameters for the simulation. Additionally, we already have specific materials to use for the simulation. The freelancer should provide clear results and optimize the polishing parameters to ensure the highest possible surface quality. Please find the attached file for more information.

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    Project Description: Business Analyst Interview Preparation I am looking for a skilled professional who can help me prepare for a business analyst interview. My goal is to gain a better understanding of the concepts and techniques related to the field of business analysis so that I can successfully crack the interview. Specific Topics: - Business Analyst: I would like to have a thorough understanding of the role, responsibilities, and best practices in business analysis. - CBAP: I need theory clarification and practical interview practice related to the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification. - Tableau: I am seeking guidance on Tableau, including theory clarification and practical interview practice. Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience as a busine...

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    I'm looking to hire someone to help me crack an upcoming interview. Although I have some experience with interviews, I'm looking for someone who can give me an extra edge and prepare me for any surprises. I'd like to focus on my coding skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills in order to ace the session. As far as the type of interview, I'm open to suggestions and want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible.

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    ...to spread the colors back to the normal world and to set the spirits free to bring back joy to the earth. when he falls into his own deppression because she reminded him of sul the sun the world starts turning black and white itself slowly she has to stop it . She shows him happy emotions and slowly herself starts to glow yellow becoming the new sun because of her joy moonsul starts to feel a crack in his heart after his conflicting feelings and starts to fade she starts crying over his faded body and her glowing tears heal his broken heart when they hug the pocket universe explodes its pocket and color starts going back to the rest of the earth . When this happens moonsul and her share a moment wich will be the end of the movie where he tells her he doesnt have to be moonsul an...

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    ...and 2D-Unity-Animator to create simple designs & animations for a mobile game (iOS + Android). The game is a button you click with simple effects for a competition & prizes. REQUIREMENTS - Starting animation: spinning background - Logo animation: pop-up of logo and then fades away - BUTTON animation: red button, push and release, wiggle - Glowing animation: increasing glow relativ to clicks - Crack animation: cracks on the button, glowing from within - Explosion animation: when you reach a milestone, button explodes/shatters into pieces - Envelope animation: price appears on a letter - Reassemble and start again IMPORTANT: File formats must be compatible with Unity. Check attached documents for further examples of similar work. NEXT STEPS If you are available and able ...

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    I need a big .png file 18.000 x 18.000 pixel of a paper crack. Look in attachment what i need. It dont need to look 1:1 but should look similar. And the front should be full white #FFF and not grey like in preview. Inner part is than transparent that i can place a image what i want. Little shadow can fall on image than like in preview. Who can do that very quick in next 2-4 hours? You can upload just the image as 4000x4000 px for example but need to provide me the big size file.

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can design a logo for my brand identity. I need the project completed as soon as possible. I am starting a coaching institute for helping students to crack competitive exams. So need to desin a logo for that. I have name and tag line decided already. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in logo design - Strong understanding of brand identity and its importance - Proficiency in creating abstract designs - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines

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    ...lifestyle photos, technical infographics, etc. The identifier must be universal and fit all photos. ID style: - It should be not big, neat and with clear graphics that will be used in one of the corners of the picture. - It should be related to ice, perhaps need to create the effect of smooth icing of the corner of the photo with a transition to full ice that cracked, and place our logo in this crack. The effect of icing should be depicted smoothly - from very thin cracks that expand or increase in number as they approach the ice piece with the logo (in attachments). But if you have a better idea, I'll be happy to consider it. For example, it can be the icing of a photo with subsequent disintegration into ice floes. - all graphics should be neat and clear, without large are...

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    Java Tech Lead Tamat left

    Need a java tech lead probably a person of architecture level who can help me crack Interview.

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    I am the owner of an app and I am in need of an app developer or ethical hacker to help crack the API of this app in order to test its security. I am looking for a professional who can assist me with this task, and the end goal is to have a basic overview of the security report to review. To achieve this goal, I need a skilled app developer or ethical hacker to access the restricted information and understand the functionality of the app. This project is very important to me, so I am looking for someone who is experienced and can provide me with professional results.

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me with a cryptography project. I need an intermediate level of encryption and I have a specific algorithm in mind: frequency analysis and substitution for code cracking. i need help with tutorial if possible. My goal is to crack codes, and I'm looking to commission someone who can work on this project and help me achieve this. If you think you have the skillset and experience necessary to tackle this task, please get in touch and let me know what you have to offer.

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    $10 - $150
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    ...Tutor Needed for Beginner Level Learner Overview: I am a beginner in English proficiency and I am looking for a tutor who can help me become fluent in English speaking and listening within a month. I prefer one-on-one lessons and I am able to dedicate less than 5 hours per week to learning. This is for my interview as I am from India and company is U.S and Belgium based. It is important for me to crack the interview as it will be my 1st foreign job if I get selected. I should be able to understand and reply as if english is like my native language. Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should have the following skills and experience: - Fluent English speaker with excellent communication skills - Experience in teaching English to beginners - Familiarity wi...

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    I'm looking for an experienced digital marketing strategist to register me on a content adult website and to start a campaign of affiliate marketing on an adult website (Crack Revenue).

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    Hi! I am looking to commission a digital illustration of an 8 person stick figure family. I want the style to be stick people/figure, but with some variations in pose—I have some ideas, but I am also open to suggestions. The final product should be delivered in a JPEG format. If you'd like to take a crack at this project, then please submit your bids so that I can find the most suitable artist for this. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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    Trophy icon Belts + Booties Logo Tamat left

    Hi. Starting a new clothing line aimed at plumbers who love their careers and want to buy shirts, specifically plumbers who wear belts (no butt crack) and booties (shoe covers - search google brand: shubee). I’m looking for a cartoonish logo of a belt and some shoes or boots with shoe covers on them to use as a logo on the shirts. I also with a plumbing company and may use the logo to promote that our plumbers wear belts and booties, as well. Please be creative.

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    for mapping 2 excelliste - with reference function

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    I am looking for a skilled Photoshop expert to update and edit an image for personal use. The main tasks involved are retouching, background removal, and color correction. Task - make a crack in the ground in the corner of the photo. Make it look very realistic. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Photoshop - Experience in retouching and enhancing images - Ability to remove backgrounds seamlessly - Knowledge of color correction techniques - Attention to detail and ability to follow the client's clear vision for the final edited image The final image will be used for personal use only. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    I have the updated source code zip file, a developer just need to make the few changes in flow as well , name , package name , icon , splash , admob id change and admob banner placement. You should have the unity crack version or premium version because i need the .aab for store without unity splash screen.

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    ...and watch the magic happen. Fly-the-coop, outside-of-the-box, bet-you-wish-you-thought-of-this-first-type-stuff. We’re in it for the bros and babes, friends and family. Our food is designed to be shared, ‘cause that’s just how we do it; middle of the table every-person-for-themselves-style. So come in, come hungry and come ready to get your hands dirty. About us: Can you hear that? That’s the crack, sizzle and pop of heating charcoal. The “yum”, “yes” and “more please” of a job well done. And we take our job very, very seriously. Charcoal chicken, that is. What were you thinking of? There are a lot of chicken joints around this town, but we’re not your regular rooster. We’re all about that juicy, juicy...

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    Ditampilkan Dijamin Dimeterai Peraduan Teratas Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    ...financial success. The bottom half should feature a stylized padlock, with the shackle shaped like a dollar sign ($), reinforcing the financial theme. We envision a color scheme of deep navy blue and black, symbolizing mystery and trustworthiness, with gold accents adding a touch of luxury and wealth. The typography for "Financial Freedom Formula" should be modern and bold, while the tagline "Crack the Formula" should be in an elegant font, placed below the main text. Subtle metallic textures can be used on the shield, vault door, and padlock to add depth and character to the logo. The overall design should be sleek, eye-catching, and capable of being used on various marketing materials, both in digital and print media. Please ensure that the logo generated...

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    ...infantry down by the swamps, Denisov continued, they ll cweep up to the garden you ll wide up from there with the Cossacks he pointed to a spot in the forest beyond the village. and I with my hussar fwom here. And at the signal shot... the hollow is impassable there's a swamp there said the esaul. The horses would sink. we must ride round more to the left...While they were talking in undertones the crack of a shot sounded from the low ground by pond, a puff of white smoke appeared, then another, and the sound of hundreds of seemingly merry French voices shouting together camp up from the slope. for a moment Denisov and the esaul drew back. they were so near that they thought they were the cause of the firing and shouting. But the firing and shouting did not relate to the. d...

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    Hi, I have Food Delivery app i would like host the admin panel which has been written using php and mysql in my computer , you have to crack the code to bypass the restrictions.

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    Project Description: Crack Developer Laravel I am looking for a skilled and experienced Laravel developer who can help me develop an app in using Laravel. - Implementing new features in the Laravel 7 project - Collaborating with the team to understand the requirements and deliver high-quality code - Ensuring the code is scalable, maintainable, and follows best practices - Conducting thorough testing and debugging to ensure the functionality is working as expected Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Laravel 7 and its ecosystem - Experience in implementing new features in Laravel projects - Knowledge of modern web development technologies and best practices - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail This project does not have a ...

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    We are traders of industrial fuel oils like Furnace oil , CBFS , Tyre oil etc . We want a website that displays everyday prices of the commodities. We can get buyers through this site and also crack deals through it

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    Project Title: Book front and back page I am looking for a designer to create the front and back pages of my book, with a specific design concept in mind. The book is a work of fiction and I would like the design to reflect the genre and theme of the story. I have a photograph that I want to use - The front to have a slightly open box with light leaking from the crack. You will se the lid and two edges. On the lid is to be a UK Royal navy flag (Ensign) on the left edge is the roman numeral IX (9) and on the other edge are a few viking Runes. The words ; Oliver Boy Mason is to be on the top line with Adventures directly below. At the bottom will br the title ; START and directly underneath David F Buxton. On the back page is the same photo but with a synopsis imposed on it. Requi...

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    I am looking for someone to provide me with a free crack copy of Autocad software 2020 or more recent.

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    I have Visual Web Ripper that I purchased and received the registration code that apparently every time I open the software it goes to a website to validate the registration code that I have and it will not validate as I found out that the company discontinued supporting the software and have disconnected the validation. It is amazing to me that after you leg...that the company discontinued supporting the software and have disconnected the validation. It is amazing to me that after you legitimately purchase software that the company can just shut you off from using it.. Well anyway does anyone have a copy of Visual Web Ripper that actually works and all these cracks out here on the internet are full have virus just waiting for someone to download a crack. Thank you for lookin...

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    is an innovative game levelling the playing field in running. Using our unique algorithm, we have gamified running, making it inclusive for ages 4 to 104. The beta mobile app launched in 2021 and ...exciting partnerships (Garmin) generating over 10,000 runs. But we need help. It's time to rebuild the app and integrate new features and learnings. I am looking to build a mini team of specialised developers - who LOVE exercise, digital health or gamification in the real-world environment. Taking this in-house (previously agency, outsource model) Rates, commercial model can be discussed. If we can crack it, you get a share of the company and together we can expand and grow carrots... You can download for free on Apple iOS or Googleplay or check out for a glimpse....

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    I’m looking for an optical engineer with experience using Zemax/Lighttools to design aspheric lens, included but not limited to free form surfaces. This lens/eyeglass is supposed to correct the altitude or horizon line in the view. Like the multifocal progressive lens, it can read the near field and far field with different focal lengths. In this use case, a person on the second floor will see a “corrected” view like s/he is on the ground floor. Each red flag is a mark on the ground floor and the distance will also be modified upon the slope (or the height of the floor). It’s hard to say before a rapid prototype a single lens can work perfectly without any combination of a lens set. It is the purpose of this project! The optimization of the math part either ...

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    ...looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a Lichtenstein style image for marketing purposes. The image should be bright and colorful, in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. I would like an image of a bottle of Champagne being opened by a woman with a saber. For technique of sabering Champagne, google the term, there are YouTube videos. I would like a Lichtenstein type sound effect of POP, or CRACK, with foam coming out of the open bottle. I would like a speech balloon with the woman saying 'Let's Champagne!'. Ideally, the woman should bear a resemblence to my niece - I will post pictures. I do not want a full-body image, so the focus is on the bottle. Image could be from in front, facing the girl, but could also be from behind, looking forward over her sho...

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    ...impetus to continually seek sobriety and successfully “Live Life on Life’s Terms”. In my tell-all recounting of a complicated descension, I further seek to present a truth of the hypocrisies I lived in my depth of self-destruction, which would cause undue consternation and regret on many people who’d cross my path – many being loved ones. On June 15, 1995, I awoke from a heavy night of using crack cocaine and drinking. I was scheduled to go into work, which was now a serious problem in terms of unexcused absences. I looked around the interior of my rented room, into the mirror, and began to ball like a baby! After a while, I got down on my knees and begged my God for help and guidance. This sincerity and honesty was a new feeling I never had at a...

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    I am in need of a business card for Rhonda, which must be completed today. The desired style is elegant and professional, and warm colors are preferred. The following details need to be included on the card: email and phone number. Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic design expertise - Proficiency in design software such as Adobe Illu...house, green grass on both sides of the driveway, blue sky, yellow sun birds flying in the sky and it will say elite sealcoating in the middle of the driveway in a nice font Somewhere on the flyer it can say 10% off if you show this flyer. Slogan’s, we take pride in satisfying our customers!, Company name: Elite Sealcoating All Work comes A One Year Warranty. Specializing in o Seal Coating o Crack Repair o Asphalt Repair o Driveways ...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    I have detailed diagrams of two doublets for use in the visible for imaging. These doublets were originally designed in old, now hard to find glass types. I need Zemax files of these two doublets using current glass types

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    2 bida

    I need a 10 second blender animation of reasonably high quality. I will pay $20 now, and if my advertisement for youtube profits, I will give you up to $50,000. I have hired over 160 people on UpWork but i'm trying freelancer instead. Not a scam, legit. I need a blender scene of the attached image. Then camera pointed at top of...by now the camera has smoothly moved back out to show more of the scene and the entire animation is exactly 10 seconds long. Also the bird has blue glowing eyes because the full ad is 30s and the animation is the first 10s. Really really hope this ad profits as I started this project 10 or so years ago and I think I cracked it. So yes, only $20, but you get to practice your animation and if we crack it then you get much more money. Can't wait...

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    13 bida

    Buscamos a un crack del crecimiento online que lidere nuestro equipo de marketing y nos ayude a captar usuarios,consiguiendo leads de calidad a través de todas las fuentes posibles, con una mentalidad growth hacker total! Que nos permita expandir nuestros servicios a toda latinoamérica durante este año. ¿Qué voy a hacer? Generación de Leads cualificados con el menor coste posible, usando los canales que consideres, utilizando tu mentalidad de growth hacker, obsesionado con el coste por SQL o deal, no con el CPL ;) Programar y configurar las campañas en las plataformas publicitarias (google ads, bing, Meta ads & tiktok ads, seleccionando aquellas que tengan un mejor performance. Seguimiento de los canales de adquisición y ...

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    13 bida
    Zemax design Tamat left

    Create optical system from 4 thin lenses with required distances between them lens1 = 35cm from source; lens2 110cm from 1; lens3 415 from 2; lens4 380 from 3 while using 8 fields defined in excel as x,y and intensity(NOT WEIGHT) and 3 modes from .mat Those fields and modes should be transferred through those 4 lenses. aperture 12x6 mm wavelength 0.1 freq 2.89 THz. ZPL code is available also, but a mistake in syntax persists. Budget: 50$ USD Just send me a message with a photo of what you got and which files you have used and let's go from there.

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    I am looking for a skilled social media ethical hacking expert who can create documentation with screenshots and teach me how to capture email id of Instagram and Facebook accounts and crack passwords using Kali Linux(Instagram and Facebook). The project needs to be completed ASAP.

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