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    - saya perlukan file part bagi setiap komponen speaker - saya juga perlukan animation bagi setiap part daripada awal pemasangan hingga lengkap menjadi speaker - speaker tersebut mempunyai detail basic seperti button (play, pause, stop), simbol (bluetooth), audio jack, dan jack - design seringkas dan semurah yang boleh

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    MA CROSSOVER Tamat left

    Membuat expert advisor sederhana untuk MT4 dapat di aplikasikan untuk semua time frame dengan indikator EMA ... buy logic EMA dengan period yg lebih kecil ( contoh EMA 5 /EMA fast ) memotong keatas EMA dgn periode yg lebih besar ( co...EMA 10 /EMA slow ) eksekusi buy tunggu konfirmasi harga open 1 bar berikutnya EMA 5 tetap diatas EMA 10 , 2. open sell logic kebalikannya (open buy logic) ( contoh EMA 5 cross down EMA 10 ).. 3. close buy logic EMA fast memotong kebawah EMA slow..konfirmasi close buy tunggu 1 bar berikutnya EMA fast tetap dibawah EMA atau stop loss /take profit (extern) done..lanjut eksekusi open sell logic 4..close sell logic kebalikannya ( close buy logic ) 5.Stop loss dan Take profit dapat di ubah ( extern ) frame extern periode extern

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    nak ea pending oder buy stop dan sell stop serentak yang boleh set stat price contoh stat price 123.000, jarak dari stat price boleh adjust contoh 10pip 123.100 buy stop 122.90 sell stop,layer buy stop dan sell stop boleh adjust contoh boleh set buy stop 20 layer sell stop 20 layer ,kemudian jarak diantara buystop dari layer ke layer boleh adjust begitu juga sell stop, kemudian boleh set take away profit jika pending oder terbuka boleh set profit contoh 100 ea akan close semua oder tadi,

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    melayani para konsumen yang membutuhkan jasa sponsor2 secara online 24jam non stop.. silahkan hubungi jika berminat

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    Cara Reset Printer Canon MP258 : 1. Printer MP258 yang error 5B00 atau P07 dalam keadaan mati dan kabel listrik terpasang. 2. Tekan Tombol STOP/RESET dan tahan, kemudian tekan tombol POWER dan tahan. 3. Tombol POWER masih ditekan, lepas tombol STOP/RESET, kemudian tekan tombol STOP/RESET 2 x dalam keadaan tombol power masih ditekan. 4. Lepas kedua tombol secara bersamaan. 5. Printer MP258 yang error 5B00 atau P07 akan berproses beberapa saat (agak lama), kemudian LCD Panel akan tampil angka 0 6. Komputer akan mendeteksi DEVICE BARU, Abaikan saja ..... 7. Keadaan ini menunjukkan printer MP258 dalam keadaan SERVICE MODE dan siap direset. 8. Exctract File Resetter MP258 untuk error 5B00 atau P07 9. Siapkan 2 kertas di printer (ini untuk print pada waktu proses...

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    EA dengan strategy kalo trade pertama dengan lot 0.01 kalah, trade kedua dibuka dengan lot 0.02, kalo trade kedua kena stop loss, trade ketiga dibuka dengan lot 0.03, dan seterus nya sampe total dari semua trades ini positive dan mengenai target profit.

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    Traditional Annotation India 6 hari left

    ...strong nativity and writing skills Interface of the tool: - Numbers/annotation will be actively tracked - Total time spent on the tool will be captured Checklist: - NDA Signed (This will be issued later in the project) - Passed Initial annotation Review Milestones and deadlines: - Deadline: 4 weeks (from awarding time) - The project will be open until 4th Dec 2023, at which point all work must stop and the project will be closed, not matter where you are in the annotation process (unless we specify otherwise during the project) - The project will take on four phases per freelancer, each freelancer will need to complete their current milestone before moving onto the next milestone, attempting to complete the three milestones before the deadline. (You will be assessed on your cu...

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    ...Be direct to the point. Answer the skills requested and any questions asked. You must have a working camera, a good internet connection and an IDE to show your skills during an interview. If you don't agree, please move on to other job listings. Job description Highly skilled and experienced solution architects or junior architects to design software. If you don't know what this means, please stop here. Design software using GraphQL schema. Let's repeat that to make sure there is no misunderstanding. You will be designing the GraphQL schema as part of the software design process. We are a startup and need to get development done quickly and efficiently. We are not able to train anyone in this stage of our life cycle. You will - analyze requirements, - design h...

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    ...solve a specific issue I am experiencing with MS Word jumping around. The issue I am facing is that the text in my document is jumping to a different page. Specifically, I noticed this problem after a software update, so it might be related to that. I am currently using MS Word 2019 or later. I am seeking someone who has expertise in troubleshooting MS Word issues and can provide a solution to stop the text from jumping to a different page. Required skills and experience: - Proficiency in MS Word 2019 or later - Experience in troubleshooting and resolving text jumping issues - Strong understanding of software updates and their impact on MS Word functionality If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal and let me know how you plan to address ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can produce a .stl file with a 3D design for manufacturing purposes. Intended Use: Manufacturing Design Concept: This is a handheld putter used to hit golf balls on a flat surface. Please see the dimensions in the mockup photo. The shape of the putter head is similar to that of a semi-circle. Level of Detail: Basic Skills and Experience: - Proficient in 3D modeling software (e.g. AutoCAD, SolidWorks) - Experience in designing for manufacturing processes - Understanding of basic design principles - Attention to detail and accuracy in creating the .stl file

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can design a 3 phase drive panel for 3 conveyors with VFD drives. The project requires the following skills and experience: Power ...Documentation: - The client requires electrical schematics for the panel design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing drive panels for conveyors with VFD drives. - Knowledge of three-phase power supply and standard conveyor specifications. - Ability to create detailed electrical schematics for the panel design. Looking to have all drives Start/Stop at the same time with a common Start/Stop circuit Plus have two E/Stop buttons on the panel one front one top using a Pillz safety relay Please submit your proposal if you have the expertise and can provide the required electrical sche...

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    ...American English speaker. -Experienced in on-camera video production. -Ability to communicate freely and naturally on camera. -Trust-building, engaging tone. -Proficiency in basic video editing and graphic design. -Background in instruction, explanation, tutoring, or teaching. -Strong linguistic and cognitive abilities to understand and elaborate on provided briefs. -Ability to be a comprehensive one-stop solution for video production, minimizing the need for additional personnel or stages in the production process. Additional Information: -Remote Work Opportunity: Ideal for digital nomads or individuals who prefer to work remotely, as long as they can maintain high video and sound quality, and a professional-looking background. -Flexibility and Commitment: Candidates must be ...

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    Hello I need different designs of clasps made in matrix format. Need polysurface / surface model not mesh. Need it with gems and 2 versions, 1 with big prongs for print and 1 with smaller prongs for render. reference images attached Thanks

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    Hi, we have one web application build on core PHP we need someone experience to migrate site from subdomain to main domain on same server we transfer the files but many functions stop working so we need professional thanks

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    ...abstract/sketch visuals - Need for minimalist, less is more type pitch and online presentation. - may also get simple animation of logo and other work with this and other products. - this job only requires low detail sketches with several simple components shown coming together with from various views and rotation then showing complete product dropping from high view and multiple or 12 dropping down onto surface in a grid of 4 x 3 then complete image of cabin or deck landing on top as simple demo & promo product reference If you have the skills and experience necessary for this project, please submit your proposal. Some confidentiality needed which is probably covered by freelancer anyway. Keen to get sorted. Regards ...

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    ...sales and specials applied occasionally. The members should be able to sign up new members which they will get a percentage of their sales. The customers need to be able to see their sales and commissions. Certain members will get a different discount on products for different tiered memberships. Some products will be automatically sent to current paid members every month, automatically. Need to stop commissions to and from members who have paused or inactive memberships. Most of this system is complete with paid plugins from and others. There is further customization needed as well. We are looking to add one more person to this team as it needs to be completed in the next couple of weeks and tested. There are two people currently on this project. We need someone with extensi...

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    ... The hotspots, text, links, menu's will follow to correct positioning of the 3D Graphic. The 3D graphic will need the ability for the user to click on the graphic to remove or replace layers of the engine. The 3D Graphic Interactive Animation must remain High Quality, High Resolution, and be Photo Realistic and load quickly. The user will be able to control when the blades rotate and be able to stop the blade rotation. The 3D Graphic Interactive Animation must allow the users to zoom in and out, rotate the object in any direction, move the object around on the screen and be able to click on the animations. The 3D Interactive Graphic Animation must be rendered as an HTML file that can be opened from my computer or uploaded to the server and opened in a browser. You must work ...

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    Requirements: 1. Stable internet connection 2. Good mobile device (preferably 2 devices) 3. Full Time availability 4. Great English 5. Experience with IG platform There will be big bonuses if you hit your view targets! This is a full-time position. Please *DO NOT* apply if you have any personal commitments that will stop you from doing this job. Look forward to going through your applications!

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    ...The Pomodoro timer can be started with a button press - While the timer is running, the following information should be displayed: a) Remaining work time b) Duration of the next break c) Remaining duration of the entire session - Users can pause or stop the Pomodoro timer at their discretion - Calming "Lofi" music should be integrated within the website/design with the following features: a) Play and stop buttons for music b) A pre-defined, non-customizable playlist of Lofi music c) The ability to pause the music with a stop button d) Users should not be able to skip tracks Design Requirements General: - Mobile and desktop responsiveness for a seamless user experience Design Inspiration: - The design should be intuitive, clean, and aest...

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    ...multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform should have both security measures and trading options. We anticipate needing minimal user support for the platform. Key Requirements: - Support for multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. - Implementation of robust security measures to ensure the safety of user funds and data. - Integration of various trading options, including limit orders, stop-loss orders, and market orders. - User-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and seamless trading experience. - Seamless integration with popular payment gateways for easy deposits and withdrawals. - Real-time market data and charts for users to track cryptocurrency prices and trends. - Responsive design that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. Ideal Sk...

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    Design a minimalistic & impactful logo using the word 'Flapen' that fits logo mark in pink color (HEX #C30C94) -The design needs to be unique and creative, capable of effectively representing our brand identity, fits to logo mark -It should be scalable to work well in different formats such as website, stationery, merchandise, social media, etc Flapen is a one-stop launchpad for eCommerce enthusiasts offering comprehensive solutions to start or expand their amazon businesses. Known for its streamlined approach, Flapen provides end-to-end assistance for online success. Brand color: Pink (HEX #C30C94), White, Black

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    ...conditioning, where the vehicle's air conditioning system is remotely activated using a smartphone before boarding the vehicle.  In some remote air conditioning systems, the temperature of the vehicle cabin measured by a temperature sensor is displayed on the smartphone. One possible problem is that the temperature measured by the temperature sensor differs from the actual temperature on the seat surface or near the seat, causing the user who sees the display to feel uncomfortable when boarding the vehicle.  To solve this problem, this technology displays on the smartphone the temperature range that is a combination of the positive and negative errors against the temperature of the cabin measured by the sensor as the temperature of the cabin. Please search for this technolog...

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    hello, I have one small script autoit and im blocked. I need stop script, but with my code it close all and not my currenrt loop If u have base on autoit i invite you to help me. Thank you

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    Stop a loop on autoit 4 hari left

    Hello, I have one code on autoit. I try to exit one loop but is not working It's one easy problem, please contact me. TY

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    ...place is both simple and complicated. Simply, it either gets eaten by a fish or not. (Or it gets stuck on something on the bottom like a rock or a stick.) More complicated, it sinks at some rate of speed; it gets buffeted around by a variety of currents and turbulence; it gets dragged downstream by the line attached to your rod and the dry fly or a strike indicator on the surface (which is moving in a different surface current at a different speed), and it appears to a fish like either a delectable morsel or an alien invader. How can you improve the likelihood that the fly gets eaten? Beyond hoping the fish is in a dining mood, the two keys to bettering your chances are for the fly to drift close enough for the fish to see it and bother to move a few inches to eat it, and...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a simple crack detection system using deep learning techniques. The project involves detecting surface cracks in metal surfaces images. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in deep learning and computer vision algorithms - Experience with developing and training Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) - Knowledge of image processing techniques for crack detection - Familiarity with working with real-world image datasets Key requirements: - Develop a simple deep learning model to detect surface cracks in metal surfaces images - The model should be able to accurately classify and localize cracks in the images - The system should be able to handle metals surfaces images conditions. Optional skills: - Experience with other deep learn...

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    Need one stop- full stack developer support for: website development (frontend in ) and backend in node.js. Also need devops support to deploy largelanaguage model on cloud and migarte on need basis. Website will provide AI powered Chatbot on subscription to individual users, which is being developed separately by our ML expert, using open-source LLM, which will be deployed on Cloud (Azure/ GCP/ AWS)

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    Design of screen wall for home. Decorative design with lighting on the wall. Wall must be 1.7m high. Assume flat surface. Create nice plot number which is plot 2342 Attached a document illustrating dimensions.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a written step-by-step guide for me on how to select, copy, and paste part of a photo over another part of the same photo using GIMP. No instructions have worked, and the program seems very unstable. Also, how do I save edited photo in JPEG format. Additionally, I would like to learn how to stop a selection tool while in the middle of using it. I am new to GIMP. Re-install the unstable beast?

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    I am looking for a developer who can duplicate a button on my Flutter app. The button is currently named "Verify stop" and it takes the user to a signature page. After clicking on the submit button, it should generate data on a Laravel backend database and also save an image as the current button already does but creating new/different data on DB. Requirements: - Proficiency in Flutter and Laravel - Experience with database integration and image handling - Ability to duplicate the button and ensure it performs the same function - Attention to detail to ensure the duplicated button looks identical to the original button

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me stop cache creation on my WordPress website, www.sainikcanteen.in. cache files created within few minutes and registration form stops working Platform: WordPress - The website is built on the WordPress platform. Administrative Access: Yes - I have administrative access to my website. Specific Pages: Yes - I want to stop cache creation on specific pages of my website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in WordPress development. - Expertise in cache management and optimization. - Familiarity with caching plugins and how to customize them. - Ability to identify and troubleshoot cache-related issues. - Attention to detail to ensure cache is disabled only on specific pages

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    ...The hotspots, text, links, menu's will follow to correct positioning of the 3D Graphic. The 3D graphic will need the ability for the user to click on the graphic to remove or replace layers of the engine. The 3D Graphic Interactive Animation must remain High Quality, High Resolution, and be Photo Realistic and load quickly. The user will be able to control when the blades rotate and be able to stop the blade rotation. The 3D Graphic Interactive Animation must allow the users to zoom in and out, rotate the object in any direction, move the object around on the screen and be able to click on the animations. The 3D Interactive Graphic Animation must be rendered as an HTML file that can be opened from my computer or uploaded to the server and opened in a browser. You must ...

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    $1000 - $2500
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    We have historical data for the micron thickness of a substance on water with the associated Lumens of light being applied to the surface. We would like to evaluate this using Quantum Electrodynamics modelling.

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    ...The hotspots, text, links, menu's will follow to correct positioning of the 3D Graphic. The 3D graphic will need the ability for the user to click on the graphic to remove or replace layers of the engine. The 3D Graphic Interactive Animation must remain High Quality, High Resolution, and be Photo Realistic and load quickly. The user will be able to control when the blades rotate and be able to stop the blade rotation. The 3D Graphic Interactive Animation must allow the users to zoom in and out, rotate the object in any direction, move the object around on the screen and be able to click on the animations. The 3D Interactive Graphic Animation must be rendered as an HTML file that can be opened from my computer or uploaded to the server and opened in a browser. You must ...

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    $500 - $1500
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    ...this new contest, we need all the elements to be Australian, realistic, high-resolution and detailed. So where new elements are added for the after image (e.g. people, cars, tram, tram lines, traffic lights), we need you to use more real looking images – currently they look a bit cartoon-ish. But for every element that is just being moved, please use the original element (e.g. bins, post boxes, bus stop) The bike lane seems to have disappeared in the new image – please add this back on the roadway, slightly to the right of where the new poles/signs are placed. The footpath doesn't have to be quite as wide as the example provided. The roadway pavement changes colour a bit – it would be best if this can be consistent with the light grey colour throughout (...

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    Here is what I want added: 1) Custom take profit alerts at each Bollinger band (a total of 8). I want to able to specify how much percentage of the trade I want closed at those levels and also I want blank alert boxes like the ones above so I can past my JSON code i...the level at and also how much percentage of the trade I want to close at those levels. I need it to have similar blank alert boxes as above so I can paste my JSON code. Keep the current alerts as is. So should have the following when the script is completed Buy entry, buy tp, buy sl, sell entry, sell tp, sell sl, Bollinger band upper tp1/2/3/4, Bollinger band lower tp1/2/3/4. 3) I want a custom stop loss level defined by how much percentage from entry. THE SCRIPT SHOULD HAVE THE ABILITY TO TOGGLE ON AND OFF THE ALERT...

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    ...Description of the construction: Figure 1: Schematic diagram of the load-bearing parts of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge (not to scale). Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram of the construction. The bridge rests on concrete foundations at its ends, and in between, it is supported by two main steel beams. Concrete slabs are placed on the main beams, covered with asphalt, and form the bridge's travel surface. The main beams are loaded by: 1. Their own weight and the weight of the superstructure 2. Load from pedestrian and bicycle traffic 3. Load from a waste disposal vehicle driving over the bridge The loads from pedestrian and bicycle traffic and the waste disposal vehicle do not need to be considered acting simultaneously. Therefore, the main beams of the bridge are analyz...

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    I am looking for a designer to create a surface cleaner bottle with the following specifications: Shape: - The design of the bottle is flexible, allowing for creativity and innovation. Size: - The desired size of the bottle is small, less than 500ml. Colors and Design Elements: - There are no specific colors or design elements in mind for the bottle. - I am open to any suggestions and ideas for the colors and design elements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in bottle design and packaging. - Strong creativity and innovation skills to come up with unique and eye-catching designs. - Proficiency in graphic design software. - Attention to detail to ensure the bottle design meets all necessary requirements. If you have a passion for product design and can bring fresh ideas ...

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    bottle designer 1 hari left

    I am looking for a creative bottle designer with an eye for detail to design a surface cleaner bottle. I have specific design elements in mind that need to be incorporated into the design. These include a modern look, along with durability and functionality. I am looking for someone who can come up with a unique design that will stand out in the marketplace. The deadline for the design is within 2 weeks, so I need someone who is able to work quickly and effectively on this project.

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    AI for cryptocurrency trading 1 hari left

    ...future market movements. Data Analysis: AI algorithms can process large amounts of market data, including price movements, trading volumes, and social media sentiment. This analysis helps in making informed trading decisions. Risk Management: Implement AI-driven risk management strategies to control the level of risk in your trading activities. This could involve setting stop-loss orders, adjusting position sizes based on market conditions, and dynamically adapting to changing market volatility. Execution of Trades: Use AI to automatically execute buy or sell orders based on the signals generated by the algorithm. This can be done on various cryptocurrency exchanges through API integrations. Market Sentiment Analysis: Incorporat...

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    $313 - $940
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    We are an enterprise working in sugar and distillery industry, this website is an extension to our current work in the industry. We have necessary industry knowledge, customer reach and expertise. This website will serve as a one stop destination for job search, latest news, technical information, consulting platform for the selected industry segment. We will share our refined idea template during discussions with the freelancer.

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    ...rest of members in the room will list after the list. 2. If there is no one singing, the person who presses the button (Raise Hand to Sing) will be transferred to webrtc to sing immediately. When there are many people on the list registering to sing, the first person finishes singing, it will be forwarded to the next person on the list. Each person singing has the maximum 7 minutes. That person can stop singing earlier by pressing the 'Done Singing' button and the microphone will pass to the next person (If there is no one in the list singing, that person can keep microphone until someone presses button (Raise Hand to Sing)). During the transition, the person about to sing has 10 seconds to press the Sing button. If they do not press the button, the microphone will move...

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    ...basically hundreds of videos weekly and monthly all of the internet. More content + more platforms = more potential people/engagement! About You Obviously, you have experience with video making, editing, etc. and are passionate about it. You have a lot of experience and knowledge about videos and what's working on the different social media platforms. Of course, our priority is YouTube, but we don't stop there. Since many of the topics will be "health, fitness & longevity" oriented, hopefully you are interested in these topics. This will be a "team" effort with Dr. Robbins. He will be hands on with you, since he has the experience, it's his information and branding/reputation! In the end – you need to be able to communicate clearly...

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    We are having issues with queries running on our database that is overloading the shared hosting. They have informed us we need to stop these queries running in the future. We require you to debug these errors, advise why they are happening, and propose a fix for the solution. The host informed us that the queries run for over 10 minutes, and load the server up to 400%. The queries are below. [22-Nov-2023 04:46:11 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Error: MySQL server has gone away<br />Error No: 2006<br />SELECT p.product_id, (SELECT AVG(rating) AS total FROM review r1 WHERE r1.product_id = p.product_id AND = '1' GROUP BY r1.product_id) AS rating, (SELECT price FROM product_discount pd2 WHERE pd2.product_id = p.product_id AND pd2.customer_group_id ...

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    ...I need to be able adjust for the parameters below on Tradingview: direction: Long or short? Price Decrease: so price decreases til a certain% then buy long again. Position Multiplier: how much margin we buying long for the next round? in a sense, 1 means adding on the same amount of margin, 2 means doubling it. Max Additions per Round: how many rounds can I add the margin? otherwise reaches stop lost? Profit Target per Round: so when to take profit? usually a certain% above the average buy price. After it reaches the take profit(so the certain% above the average buy price) it is going to buy long immediately again. Apart from the initial margin order is set as market order, it is best to be set others orders as a limit orders for lower trading fees. of cuz the example ab...

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    Attached are Figure 1 - Figure 4, in pdf files, which are 2D views of a cover and a base, which are attached together with a layer of adhesive between them. The front surface of the cover has numerals 1 - 16 printed in blue ink, as well as the name of the product "Alzheimer's Alert Smell Test" printed in black ink on a blue background. All the key dimensions, including font sizes, are shown in these drawings. I would like a designer at your company to create a solid model based on these figures as shown in attached pdf files. After I approve of the solid model, I would like the designer to create two views of this solid model and add one of these views into one PowerPoint slide and add the other view into a second PowerPoint slide. I have included an example of such...

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