2D Drawing is a form of graphic design where an artist creates digital or hand-drawn illustrations, images and animations. A 2D artist can be employed to work on projects such as concept art, advertising,illustration for books, game design and comic artwork. By combining the use of popular design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with traditional drawing techniques and custom brushes a 2D Artist can expertly create characters, environments and elements. Whether the project requires graphics for print, web or TV a 2D Artist knows how to develop ideas into a finished product that meets the clients standards.

Here's some projects that our expert 2D Artist made real:

  • Designing vibrant illustrations for print and web
  • Drawing custom characters for marketing purposes
  • Converting digital content into editable vectors
  • Creating 3D designs to bring life to products
  • Drawing detailed sketches of interiors and exteriors
  • Recreating animations based on scripts
  • Integrating technical aspects such as lasers into graphics
  • Refining images to give clarity to complex figures.

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create a 3D drawing of a small (less than 12 inches) garden gnome with a traditional theme (a gnome with a nose and the hat over the eyes) The design should be moderate in terms of detail, striking a balance between simplicity and complexity. I would like the gnome to be standing, holding a flower in its right hand. We will be making a mold of this design that will sit about 3-5 inches tall. MUST be a drawing. The ideal candidate should have experience in drawing and be able to bring the gnome to life in a traditional style. Attention to detail and the ability to capture the essence of a garden gnome is crucial. We will need a detailed drawing of the gnome with all four angles, plus top and bottom.

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