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Concept Design is the essential step in the production process - it's the bridge between ideas and creation, converting abstract visions into physical, tangible pieces of art. It's about connecting people to a project’s potential and giving freedom to their imaginations. A concept designer is capable of taking those thoughts and theories and making them a reality, from logo design to character design to cover art. The boundaries of concept design are expansive, ranging from video games to structures, furniture and more - the sky is the limit.

Here's some projects that our expert Concept Designers made real:

    • Character designs for mobile games

    • Physical product designs for consumer use

    • Artistic covers for novels

    • Renderings for marketing purposes

    • Drawings for architecture portfolios

    • Furniture redesigns with adapted measurements

    • Comic books that explain scientific concepts

    • Visual concepts for businesses and industries

    • Illustrations for marketing materials

    At, we pride ourselves on our access to top-tier designers from around the globe, who bring creativity and skill to each of their projects. We understand that great Art Direction has the power to elevate a client's vision beyond what was believed possible. With concept design at its apex, the possibilities become endless - no matter the scale or scope of your project, our Concept Designers can bring it life! If you are ready to take your project to the next level and make it something memorable, we invite you post your project on today and hire one of our experienced Concept Designers!

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      FanFigo, a leading fantasy cricket app, is hosting a contest to find a talented animation designer to create a captivating Lottie animation for our app's opening sequence. This animation will serve as the first impression for our users, setting the tone for their fantasy cricket experience. Key Requirements: 1. The animation should reflect the excitement and dynamism of cricket, capturing the essence of FanFigo's immersive gameplay. 2. Incorporate elements of our brand identity, including our logo and color scheme, to ensure consistency with our app's design. 3. The animation should be compatible with Lottie format for seamless integration into our Android app. 4. Creativity and originality are highly encouraged – we're looking for a unique animation that wil...

      $48 (Avg Bid)
      7 penyertaan

      Im looking for a realistic cartoon person of caucasian decent. NOT TOO MUSCULAR. Blue eyes, short brown hair, a light beard. Looks like a construction worker but with no tool belt or construction style hat. This character would be at the forefront of the design as "THAT HARDSCAPE GUY". That is the name of my business. In the back ground I would like a courtyard/patio outdoor entertainment area that is under construction. This area can have a winding paver walkway, stone walls, fire pit etc. This would represent an outdoor living space. Google outdoor living space. I would like the area to be designed with clean lines, materials that compliment one another and flow well with the rest of the design. I will specify that I would like everything to be proportional. I don't want t...

      $500 (Avg Bid)
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      User The Permit Change for Krypto Page 1: 3 Panels Panel 1: Krypto sitting on Kevin's bed while Kevin gets ready for bedtime. [Krypto spots a comic on Kevin’s bed and starts to red it] Krypto (thought bubble): Huh, what’s this? [Kevin enters the room wearing pajamas] Kevin: What are you reading there, boy? Panel 2: Krypto looks up at Kevin, holding a comic titled "Atomic Man." Krypto: Oh, I was just reading this comic called "Atomic Man." Panel 3: Kevin looks at the comic and sees a muscular hero flexing his mighty muscles while wearing a very long cape in the process of his unique costume. Kevin: (looking at the comic) Atomic Man, huh? Page 2: 4 Panels Panel 1: [Krypto explains his problem to Kevin.] Krypto: You remember a couple of years back when Mec...

      $6 (Avg Bid)
      5 penyertaan

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