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Projek/Peraduan Penerangan Bidaan/Penyertaan Kemahiran Tamat Harga (MYR)
Overall Marketing Strategy and Implementation Marketing Program, A to Z. We have a description of everything we are looking for at our Scope of Work document found at: [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] 3 Pemasaran Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM20806
i need devlop app i test the web site for make apps 5 App Developer Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM114
face recognition by matlab implement three algorithms : 1- ICA : Independent Component Analysis. 2- LDA : Linear Discriminant Analysis. 3- SVM : support vector machine. A. First experiment: Only one image per person will be used for the training. Thus, the total number of images in the training dataset is 40 images. During this experiment, we will check three different use-cases for the test images: 1- A te... 19 Matlab and Mathematica, Algoritma, Kejuruteraan Elektrik, Matematik, Pengimejan Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM553
Hire a Data Entry Clerk I want someone to make a power point file depending on my word file 66 Pemasukan Data Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM86
Web development I need some changes to an existing website. An excel template complete with formulas will be provided, I want that to be added as calculator form and installed onto a Wordpress template, minimum design will be required to blend it to the theme of the site. Formulas within the form will be able to be amended within the admin area on Wordpress. 13 PHP, Reka Bentuk Laman Web, Reka Bentuk Grafik Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM204
Help me write something I need you to write a report for something. Research current trends 22 Penulisan Laporan Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM2213
Promoting iTunes Podcast series Will be launching a gaming Podcast series, discuasing current news and sharinf my opinion. Aiming to be featured in iTunes “New and noteworthy” section. Need to start with a bang, which is why im investing in pre launch promotion. Require likes, followers and Subscribers for supporting social media playforms FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. Your goal is simple. Help me build a fanbas... 1 Pemasaran Internet Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM2297
Web development I need an existing website rebuilt. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. This website needs to have a partner's page and coupons that can be printed from each partner. Once the coupon is printed it needs to be no longer valid so that it cannot be copied. That is one important aspect of the website obviously there are other pages and hopefully in the future or sto... 107 PHP, Reka Bentuk Laman Web, Reka Bentuk Grafik Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM5011
Web ontwikkeling Ik heb een nieuwe website nodig Ontwerp en bouw deze Webwinkel I require someone who can build a webshop, cement- and mosaic tile shop with a tile (tapestry) simulator. 12 PHP, Reka Bentuk Laman Web, Reka Bentuk Grafik Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM900
Ongoing WSO2 ESB development and platform management I have ongoing requirements to deliver bug-fixes and enhancements to existing WSO2 ESB artefacts, as well as requests to deliver completely new feature sets. To service this flow of work, I need very experienced WSO2 developers with hands-on expert knowledge of Java, WSO2, JSON, XML, XSL, Javascript, and SQL. Each piece of work will come with clear specifications of what needs to be done and... 19 PHP, Java, Javascript, XML, MySQL Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM142
Mobile Development quiz app -- 2 Im looking for a multiple choice quiz app designed and built for iOS and android. Basis of the app is for users to compete against each other on the same device.I would like a free 'lite' version and paid for full version with a backend functionality that would allow me to update with new [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] example is kids quiz app developed by toomanyscreens 34 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM1271
Help me write something I need you to write a research article. Stats on gun violence in Ontario 35 Penulisan Penyelidikan Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM372
We need fresh content of java (core + adv java) - open to bidding We need fresh content of java (core + adv java) with figure and content should be very simple easy to understand by novice person and content should have proper heading and key points to [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] i want this content for my preparation and want to start my carrier in java technology. 4 Java, Ruby on Rails, node.js, Ruby, Angular.js Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM127
My Columns Project - Repost - open to bidding We are a leading international BPO. We provide computer technical support in USA. Any query related with computers VIZ. pop-ups, networking and so on are resolved by our technical Support experts. We are looking candidates for the inbound sales USA voice process. Whole role would be to sell the annual maintenance for computers. 3 Pemasukan Data, Excel, Perkhidmatan Web Amazon, Pasang Blog, Tiang-Tiang Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM481
Need 2 logos designed with same theme I need two logos designed. I am looking for similar themes for both. The first logo: "Roughneck Garage" The second logo: "Roughneck 4x4" I want the option to add ".com" to the name or logo somewhere. We would like to see renderings with the ".com" Inspiration: This will be for an automotive business that customizes off road vehicles, trucks, Je... 198 Reka Bentuk Grafik, Rekabentuk Logo Nov 13, 2017Akan Tamat RM818
logo design I need a logo designed with a vector file for my fitness company called Ascension, crisp, clean, artistic, be creative, let me know of your idea 75 Reka Bentuk Grafik, Rekabentuk Logo Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM114
Rockergirl I need a logo designed. I need a intro my YouTube channel just started and really want to become popular 51 Reka Bentuk Grafik, Rekabentuk Logo Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM131
chat app using laravel, pusher and angular Hi I am looking for a chat IM application which will use Laravel framework. The front end (design is not too important) must be built using Angular so that we can adopt it into our current angular project. For the chat app, using Pusher is fine as Laravel has ready made integrations for this. Laravel is 5.5 latest. The chat app ideally would use web sockets for communication. Users will be a... 58 PHP, Kejuruteraan Perisian, MySQL, Laravel, Angular.js Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM4319
Full Stack Ecommerce Developer We are an online marketing company that builds brands, sales funnels and marketing campaigns around a varity of different products. We are looking for a Senior Fullstack PHP Developer that is able to: - Build customized sales funnels with HTML/CSS, PHP & Javascript - Connect Landing Pages with Checkout Pages - Implement front-end designs from PSD Template or URL Examples - Mobile res... 102 PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL, HTML Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM135
boonex design and modification i need my website adjusted, it is a boonex social media site, please boonex experienced only thank you. 14 PHP, Reka Bentuk Laman Web, Reka Bentuk Grafik, MySQL, HTML Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM3585
Animation Project Develop a 30 second animation to inspire people to begin their #100ActiveDays (I have a short storyboard in mind but would appreciate creative ideas). I have included our logo below, which I would like to see incorporated/animated and personified in some way (see [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] for a further idea of our CI). I am thinking it should begin with the logo and a person (may... 50 Perkhidmatan Video, Animasi, After Effects, Animasi 3D, 2D Animation Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM5094
need a programmer in c# sell point to a little store and conecte to my phone 11 PHP, Pengaturcaraan C, Pengaturcaraan C#, Kejuruteraan Perisian, Pengaturcaraan C++ Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM503
implement OCR onto existing app implement OCR onto existing app using Delphi language 15 Delphi, Pengaturcaraan C#, Kejuruteraan Perisian, Cocoa, Objective C Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM764
To solve my existing Android App issues. I hvae source code Hi, I have a project that need help to solve the problem. Wonder that do you have capability to solve all those problem and give me a quotation. I have only source code for android app. 1. Solve the issue of android app that unable connect to server . You can download “Hirento” app from googleplay store, then open it up will showing issue. 2. Check the issue of App push notifications... 28 PHP, Mobile App Development, Android, iOS Development Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM980 We are looking for Independent Contractors to utilize their marketing contacts such as social media, family, friends or any contact that you have to help with charity donations, all Independent Contractors will receive two US dollar for every person they connect with to donate a minimum of twenty two US dollars these earning amounts will be paid monthly, the Independent Contractor who brings the m... 1 Jualan, Pemasaran Media Sosial Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM81753
Run laravel project in phpstorm Help needed to run a laravel project in Jetbrain phpstorm. We have a project that was created in laravel but I need it to run in phpstorm. 13 PHP, Kejuruteraan Perisian, MySQL, HTML, Laravel Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM279
Animated Video for Marketing my Business I want to make a small animated video ( 1 to 2 minutes ) with voice and text to market my business. Please give links to yr video ads. Thanks 30 Reka Bentuk Grafik, Perkhidmatan Video, Animasi, After Effects, Animasi 3D Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM813
Design a logo -- 2 I need a logo designed. 25 Reka Bentuk Grafik, Rekabentuk Logo Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM94
Fix a quick JS issue We have a plugin inside a [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] app but there's a few bugs we need fixed. Also looking for more js and json work 36 Javascript, JSON Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM78
Content Needed For Charter bus Company The requirements are a 750 word per page of content about a specific us city in combination with the charter bus services we provide. THIS WILL BE FOR 2 PAGES OF CONTENT OF 750 WORDS EACH. MUST BE UNITED STATES WORKER. Page must past copyscape Page must include our keywords listed below Page must include 3 Local Business in that city with name phone number address and website. Page must ... 19 Penulisan Iklan, Penulisan Hantu, Article Writing, Penulisan Kreatif, Penulisan Kandungan Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM168
Oracle Desktop Integrator of R12 Using Desktop Integrator module of Oracle R12 application develop the web application 6 SQL, Oracle Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM887
Convert Jpg image in DST I would like to have a JPG image converted in DTS format. Only the black details. (Not the white background) 30 Reka Bentuk Grafik, Photoshop, Pengilustrasi, Pengeditan Foto, Reka Bentuk Photoshop Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM70
fitness trainer directory The objective of the project is to create responsive website for fitness trainers where fitness trainer will be able to register, create their own profile, have their own page and visitors on website will be able to search for local PTs, view PTs public profile page, Contact them through form submission and give review and ratings on their [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] Map will di... 84 PHP, Reka Bentuk Laman Web, Reka Bentuk Grafik, Wordpress, HTML Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM4886
Automatically insert WhatsApp messages from Prestashop module I have a module that I developed and I want to add one extra option: I want to allow my customers to set automatic messages to be sent automatically to WhatsApp account, to all contacts. The schedule should allow recurence: once per year, month, week, day, hour, or minute The schedule should also allow for "one time" send on a specific date and time There should be a field where ... 2 PHP, Kejuruteraan Perisian, Prestashop, MySQL, HTML Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM135
Create a replication schema on MySql Need to replicate/consolidate data from several nodes into one central server. It also needs to bring data from the server to each of the nodes. 15 Pengaturcaraan C#, MySQL, Pentadbiran Pangkalan Data, Pengaturcaraan Pangkalan Data, Pembangunan Pangkalan Data Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM2166
Add capthca to a contact form I have a contact form that I really like. It has a quiz challenge box that you specify the questions and answers you want it to ask before submition. I would like to modify the current code to replace the quiz box with capthca. The form is made up of jscript, html and php. Thank You 16 PHP, Javascript, HTML Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM102
Xamarin Expert Needed About 85% done project , I have. I need someone to complete it Source code : [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] And Spec: [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] 10 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, iPad, PhoneGap Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM879
I need lyrics made I need lyrics for a hip hop rap [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] beat sounds like its a lil pump beat. I want the lyrics to be similar to how lil pumps style is I need two verses and a chorus 16 Penulisan Hantu, Muzik Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM164
SEO blog posts I need someone to write five 800-word blog posts around SEO keywords. They need to be interesting, engaging, completely original, and unique. May lead to ongoing content work for the right person. Please include an example of your work with your bid. I won't look at bids that don't have an example of their work attached. 50 SEO, Blog, Article Writing, Penulisan Semula Artikel, Penulisan Kandungan Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM418
Risk Management Plan: Risk Treatment Plan Complete Part 3 - the Risk Treatment (See attachment) There are five columns to be completed in the Risk Treatment Plan: Treatment Strategy, Treatment Description, Treatment Resources, Risk owner, and Deadline A. Treatment Strategy This is the risk response that you will apply to the risk. You will recall from week 6 that there are only 4 possible risk responses: Avoidance Changi... 13 Pengurusan Projek, Pembangunan Perisian, Pengurusan Risiko Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM204
Raw/Clean expert coder for webpage cloning - HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX Project description can be found in this link: [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] 15 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery / Prototaip Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM1509
Looking for Real Estate companies and Sales agents database I need Indian, Pakistani, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain Real Estate companies and their employess database. 3 Jualan, Pemasaran, Pemasaran Pukal, Pemasaran E-mel, Digital Marketing Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM593
Project for katyaak Hi katyaak, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 6 Pemasukan Data, Bekerja Bebas, Iklan, , Pemodelan Fesyen, Belanda Dec 3, 2017Akan Tamat RM49
rent a existing domain without Rent a existing domain name , i need someone to let me use a domain name with his data, not BUY a domain name but rent it, with its current owner credentials, and use it to upload my webpage data BUT NOT APPEAR my name in the icann 2 Pengehosan Web Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM159
Design project I need someone to alter some images. I need the queens crown put on my friends head 38 Reka Bentuk Grafik, Photoshop Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM79
Scrap hairdressers and barbers contact for marketing purpose I am looking for a web scrapper who can scrap hairdressers and barbers contacts in France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. The information to be extracted/cscrapped into excel file are: Salon Name, Description, Website, Phone and Email address. Email address is the most important data you must get across, without it you have not done anything useful. I have some websites you can ... 41 Pemasukan Data, Excel, Pengikisan Web, Carian Web, Perlombongan Data Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM302
Project for Tahlia85 Hi Tahlia85, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 5 XXX, Dec 3, 2017Akan Tamat RM61
US clients only - Research task to find NON IT -- 3324- - 5-1 -- 2 - 06/12/2017 18:53 EST I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Data Entry and Internet Research. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my maximum budget is $30 USD. Job is to use the given keywords and research via Google daily 2 times for 30 days. It will just take 5 minutes of your time daily 14 Pemasukan Data, Penyelidikan, Excel, Carian Web, Penyelidikan Internet Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM376
60 seconds of music created in chuck computer code I need 60 seconds of music programmed in the chuck programming language. along with a short report of what has been done to create the music. 5 Pengaturcaraan C, Perkhidmatan Audio, Muzik, Pengaturcaraan C++, Penerbitan Audio Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM807
Drupal project Hello Please see the all detailson attach file. this is drupal website work.I need it very urgent like 2 days. 11 Drupal Dec 6, 2017Akan Tamat RM1578
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