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Global Positioning System(GPS) helps to locate GPS-enabled devices anywhere on the earth. If you are working with GPS technology in the form of software or electronics projects, you may need some technical help and expertise from freelancers knowledgeable in GPS technology. You can find such talented freelancers on Post your GPS related project today!
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OBD2 with GPRS A GPRS/GPS with OBD2 with Custom features. 7 GPS Apr 23, 2018 Hari Ini6h 4j RM5097
Reprogram Unkown Make Vehicle Tracker I have a job lot of vehicle trackers that i would like to update the ipaddress and port and phone network. They are to connect to traccar but I can't reprogram them. I can get them connected via hyper terminal. they don't seem to accept AT commands bu t that could be me Experience of this is essential. I propose I connect the tracker to my car and work via Skype screen share. I am U... 1 GPS Apr 21, 2018 Apr 21, 20184h 7j RM98
Edit Coban tk103 GPS Tracker firmaware I have a GPS tracer device Coban TK103B for tracking vehicle. The device is controllable via SMS and GPRS. I would like to rewrite the firmware to receive SMS message from GPS tracker in different format. For example: Original Current Location SMS message: picture (1) Expected Current Location SMS message: picture (2) The project consist essentially of edit SMS message received from ... 5 Pengaturcaraan C, Mikropengawal, Kejuruteraan Perisian, GPS, Arduino Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20182h 11j RM1061
build me an mobile app with gps tracking ability I need an app built with mapping locations of vendors and a gps tracking for the "vendor" side to show clients where they are at. 93 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, GPS Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20182h 2j RM2728
Sensor IOT integration firmware Need skilled personnel to develop firmware - able to integrate Sensors + GPS + BLE + Xbee with STM32 and push data to Azure. 11 Mikropengawal, Perisian Terbenam, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Pengekodan Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018Tamat RM1540
App developement I need an Android and iPhone app. 23 Perkhidmatan Video, GPS, API Peta Google Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018Tamat RM2240
Compass App Android / Tripmaster GPS See attached Image. All i need: Upper section Compass of heading of the device... (direction) Below Trimpaster 10m accuracy. (in settings i can set if i want 10m or 100m Steps) Screen is split into 3 Touch region. If i press somewhere in region 1 the tripmaster DEDUCTS 10 or 100m from the actual value based on the setting. If i press somewhere in region 2 the tripmaster ADDS 10 or... 9 Mobile App Development, Android, GPS Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018Tamat RM207
Create and publish a chat app Dear All, I want to create a chat app (voice and video Calling) with some additional features. Works on the android and IOS system /// I will choose based on the answer to the following questions: 1- Do you have experience to creating chat applications (text ,voice and video) Such as WhatsApp. (Please mention your previous experiment for chat app) 2- Do you have deep experience in Pos... 31 Java, Android, GPS, node.js, iOS Development Apr 9, 2018 Apr 9, 2018Tamat RM3213
Pcb designer Dear Designer, I am looking for long term cooperation for my various products optimization. Now should start with this 49 Elektronik, Perisian Terbenam, Susun Atur PCB, GPS, Reka Bentuk Litar Apr 6, 2018 Apr 6, 2018Tamat RM1352
Install/configure Traccar to work with my iPhone now Need someone to install and configure Traccar on my VPS. I had installed it, but was not able to set up my iPhone using Traccar App, with my Traccar Server. I know this is a very simple installation, that why i don't want to pay alot. 4 Linux, Skrip Kekerang, GPS Apr 5, 2018 Apr 5, 2018Tamat RM67 Task Need a GPS expert to help me configure my device to work on Have Provided documentation for the device's communication protocol. 2 PHP, Pengaturcaraan C, Kejuruteraan, Kejuruteraan Perisian, GPS Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018Tamat RM106
Real time location Tracking on Maps display We have a database of mobile phone users and locations are tracked and saved on the database every few minutes. I would like to have a web based application that can read the location from the table and display the current snap shot on the USA map using the time line features. 5 GPS Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018Tamat RM723
correlate GPS and IMU data on the map Process (a bunch of) GPS and IMU data, checking for error between two consecutive GPS readings (10 readings per sec) and all IMU readings that come in between (1800 readings per sec) 12 Matlab and Mathematica, GPS, API Peta Google Apr 3, 2018 Apr 3, 2018Tamat RM834
IoT firmware development using Particle Electron board IoT firmware development using Particle Electron board and sensors for measuring Temperature, Humidity, Acceleration, Gyro, GPS location, BLE communication and Zigbee network and pushing data to Azure cloud. Please revert / chat with mobile number. 8 Pengkomputeran Awan, Mikropengawal, Perisian Terbenam, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mar 29, 2018 Mar 29, 2018Tamat RM2509
Build a GPS UI (TRACCAR) with customisable SaaS web application I want to offer a hosted whitelabel GPS tracking solution with an open source tracking server backend. The platform shall be a SaaS web application as well as a mobile app. Each instance should be customizable to a client's own logos and names. I should be able to limit the number of devices the clients have on their instance. If possible, integrate a billing solution. I would like a detail... 36 PHP, Android, MySQL, GPS, Web Development Mar 26, 2018 Mar 26, 2018Tamat RM2607
Calamp Script Writing Need help in calamp script writing 6 Mobile App Development, AJAX, jQuery / Prototaip, GPS Mar 25, 2018 Mar 25, 2018Tamat RM1481
Implement Real-time location using L2C gps signal and usrp You have to give me Real-time location of usrp using gps signal L2 band. 1 GPS Mar 22, 2018 Mar 22, 2018Tamat RM2000
Indoor position System using KNN algorithm Research proposal to show how KNN will increase the acuracy of Indoor Positioning Systems. The algorithms are to be tested on research tools, preferbly Omnetpp. I want two results to compare! The one with KNN algorithim and the other with only triangulation algorithms. The algorithm uses RSSI from RFID tags to estimate the position. Also along with KNN kalman filter is used to increase the accurac... 7 Kajian Saintifik, Algoritma, Pengaturcaraan C++, GPS, Qualitative Research Mar 22, 2018 Mar 22, 2018Tamat RM1685
GPS tracking device Tracking Device I have an obd gps tracking device. I need someone to #1 Configure it to send GPS info to Google Map #2 Provide A platform that will allow me to see Car Diagnostic information. The device came with one but I am looking for one that will allow me toalter the source code. Not looking for a platform to be developed I am sureit can be purchased somewhere 22 PHP, Mobile App Development, Kejuruteraan Perisian, GPS, API Peta Google Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 2018Tamat RM2599
Get picture coordinates from GPS track We have pictures and GPS track history in jpg and gpx format respectively. We need to collect coordinates for all pictures, but unfortunately pictures does not contain those coordinates. So you are required to use GPS track history as coordinate source. you can extract coordinates from GPS track by synchronizing picture time (when picture was taken) and time from GPS track history. It will ... 5 Pemasukan Data, Google Earth, GPS, API Peta Google Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018Tamat RM297
operator app ar/vr for ios and android Goal is to see where teammates are on the mobile phone screen. While camera points forward. (basically like first person shooter games, like pubg) 1- FB register / login (and other register/ login for purposes ) 2- user can make team with password and join existing team with current password 3- user can leave team 4- list of team members 5- user can push "action button" what sho... 33 PHP, Mobile App Development, GPS, Unity 3D, Penambahan Realiti Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018Tamat RM2314
GPS tracking and navigation on Ipad and Iphone along with logging - must agree to terms in project -- 5 repost THE MILESTONE WILL BE ISSUED AS ONE MILESTONE FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT TO BE PAID UPON COMPLETION OF PROJECT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS, THEN DO NOT BID! ALSO I WILL NOT COMMUNICATE AND WILL NOT ARANGE PAYMENT OUTSIDE FREELANCER. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT BID!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a project with many needs. IPAD integration, PC intergration, quickbooks intergration, maps, traffic. Pleas... 13 PHP, SQL, Kejuruteraan Perisian, Intuit QuickBooks, GPS Mar 3, 2018 Mar 3, 2018Tamat RM13105
Bugfix at Traccar gps server application Hello, We need experienced and traccar known developer who can fix bug on receiving data from gps devices 2 Java, Kejuruteraan Perisian, Ujian Perisian, MySQL, GPS Mar 3, 2018 Mar 3, 2018Tamat RM188
Build me an Electronic Device Information transmitted by device to Server is:- 1. GPS location and Coordinates. 2. Vehicle Details (Registration No, Model/Make, Colour). 3. Driver Details (Name, Surname and Driver ID). 4. Route Details (Origin and Destination(s)). GPS Location & Coordinates • The device should transmit real time GPS coordinates of the device to the server our decimal degrees format. Route Deta... 16 Elektronik, Mikropengawal, Pengaturcaraan C++, GPS, Arduino Mar 1, 2018 Mar 1, 2018Tamat RM3009
taxi gps phonegap Hello, I needed to add the driver's location on the passenger's site as well as the passenger site on the driver's site and fix any problems until the applications work correctly Environment phonegap I have a sorce code for delivery Do not accept the offer in the store or sell the reserved rights 19 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, GPS, PhoneGap Feb 26, 2018 Feb 26, 2018Tamat RM1919
iPhone/iPad App I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. 79 Mobile App Development, iPhone, iPad, GPS, Kart Terbuka Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 2018Tamat RM2011
Smallest GPS Device We need to Make a GPS device That can be place in bag, Watch, or in pendent that can locate the position of desire person 5 GPS Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 2018Tamat RM2384
Firmware support for GPS project There is a gps based project for which the hardware part is completed and I am looking for a freelancer to do support for firmware. The board contains stm controller, mc60 gsm module and accelerometer. Other details will be provided to the selected freelancer. 15 Pengaturcaraan C, Mikropengawal, Perisian Terbenam, GPS Feb 11, 2018 Feb 11, 2018Tamat RM448
Gps protocol script in PHP - open to bidding I need a ready script in php langugage for reading gps device and stored the required value like ignition on off, acc on off, speed, lat , lon, altitude etc... 4 Mobile App Development, Android, GPS, Pengehosan Web, Pembangunan Perisian Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 2018Tamat RM655
Location-Triggered Personal Alert Mobile Application for Android The project has been summarized in the form of an abstract uploaded and or attached in PDF form. Basically i want to develop a location based task reminded to be used on android platform. Please i need urgent help to complete this project since i am not a "hardcore" programmer, your anticipated help in the project, especially the coding will be very much appreciated I am an undergr... 20 Mobile App Development, Android, GPS, Image Processing, Payment Gateway Integration Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 2018Tamat RM1044
Wearable GPS chipset Module & phone APP Interactive -Safety tracker Women APP Android SDK development we have a new project- Safety tracker - GPS Safety tracker APP ,Wearable GPS chipset Module & Mobile phone APP Connection interaction, these two settings connected interaction 。chipset and APP - Front end back end interactive [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] product that can be sale to customers. What skills are required?-Android SDK. IOS SDK. Android wear . Android Things. Wear... 5 Tanpa Wayar, Android, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), App Developer Jan 11, 2018 Jan 11, 2018Tamat RM1493
TCP SOCKET on PHP Script We need to write a TCP SOCKET on PHP to read the attach GPRS PROTOCOL of a GPS DEVICE that reports to our IP/PORT and inserts the data (LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, IMEI, SPEED, DATE, TIME, HEADING) onto a MYSQL TABLE on the same server. GPS model is GT06, GT06N from Concox (CN) Full php code is expected with complete documentation & logic ( Step by step with example) by explaining the proto... 9 PHP, MySQL, GPS Jan 8, 2018 Jan 8, 2018Tamat RM234
Vehicle Tracking System (Android Application). There will two applications one will be of Driver side other will be Parent side. The Bus driver will update its location continuously which will be seen by the parents using app. 22 Mobile App Development, Android, GPS, node.js, Angular.js Jan 7, 2018 Jan 7, 2018Tamat RM1265
Traccar bugfix for GPS data receipt Hello, We have a traccar installed in server for data receipt from GPS servers. Suddenly data receipt stopped seems issue with traccar. Need expert who knows traccar to check and fix the bug in same Those who already worked earlier on 4 Java, Geolokasi, GPS, Geospatial Jan 6, 2018 Jan 6, 2018Tamat RM98
Location Tracking App without Installation on other phone We want an android app that whenever first party make a call to second party and if internet is activated on that second party mobile number then location of second party should be visible on first party mobile number. It can be done using lat long or i.p address. App should be having the similar features on truecaller also. Similarly this kind of feature is already given on facebook and some o... 3 Mobile App Development, Android, Pembelajaran Mesin, GPS, Kecerdasan Buatan Dec 23, 2017 Dec 23, 2017Tamat RM79
Data Aggregation App Create an app to aggregate customer data sources as follows; Basic user profile Bank account transactions GPS location including establishment visited and time Existing libraries of music / videos from Apple / Amazon To overlay a data taxonomy to characterise the data received. Start with mobile app only 36 GPS, Penggudangan Data, App Developer, API Dec 18, 2017 Dec 18, 2017Tamat RM11746
Project for Vasilis S. Hi Vasilis S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 7 Pemasukan Data, Excel, Kartografi & Peta, GPS, , Geospatial Dec 12, 2017 Dec 12, 2017Tamat RM504
Image processing with Raspberry Pi and SOS button (Using GPS with Pi) An application working on Raspberry Pi, Raspbian OS must have capability to pass an image as input and output should be Image Classification/ Feature Extraction mentioning what are the components in the image along with it's confidence interval. Input Image may be limited to having fixed components like Human, Animal (dogs and cows), Walls, Furniture (Table and chair), Trees etc (most comm... 8 Pengaturcaraan C, Python, GPS, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Dec 12, 2017 Dec 12, 2017Tamat RM750
Modify an existing app -- 2 Here the modifications I want 1- login. 2- the screen appears with a message asking to record a message giving the situation of your route. I specify that this message must be mandatory to access the map with the general situation of the road. 3- The save message is viewed by the administrator and his team. so this message will be used to give the colors to the differen... 40 Mobile App Development, Android, GPS, iOS Development Dec 10, 2017 Dec 10, 2017Tamat RM2208
Project for oaa Hi oaa, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 Kajian Saintifik, Kejuruteraan Penerbangan, GPS, , Kejuruteraan Geoteknikal Dec 8, 2017 Dec 8, 2017Tamat RM1055
Interactive offline GIS system with mysql inetgration google map We need a GIS system integrated with mysql database to work offline with google map (with labels) as background image or Google earth We have different shape files with each layers that will reflect Roads, area & points, each layer shall have a icon to represent and when clicked on a point a popup will open with data derived from mysql database. Also we should have a provision to filter or... 14 MySQL, Google Earth, GPS, Geospatial, Geographical Information System (GIS) Dec 7, 2017 Dec 7, 2017Tamat RM965
Project for Kermith G. Hi Kermith G., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 8 Perisian Terbenam, GPS, , Arduino, Drones, Reka Bentuk Digital Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017Tamat RM5143
Trail Mapping Application I need an application that will display a pre-designed KML file and have a GPS overlay so that you can see in real-time where you are located on the map. Other features would be a reporting mechanism so that someone can report an issue directly in the app about their specific location and have an email sent to a pre-determined address. Being able to attach a picture as well would be fantastic.... 53 Mobile App Development, Android, Google Earth, GPS, API Peta Google Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017Tamat RM1974
Android App I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. 18 Mobile App Development, Android, GPS, iOS Development, Payment Gateway Integration Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017Tamat RM586
the name of the project is BAMAP (Bamako Map) -- 2 it is about getting real time traffic info for west african developping countries the main object is to give information to users about traffic jam, accident, road redirects and also a navigation system that will allow people to reach a precise point 17 PHP, Javascript, Kartografi & Peta, GPS, API Peta Google Nov 12, 2017 Nov 12, 2017Tamat RM15313
I would like to hire a Google Earth Expert I need to outline a parcel of vacant land on Google Earth. The only information I have is a tax map ID number, which consequently is the same as the parcel ID number. I also have a picture of the parcel on the county's GIS map. There is no street address. 33 Kartografi & Peta, Google Earth, GPS, Geospatial Nov 7, 2017 Nov 7, 2017Tamat RM66
OpenGTS front-end to Bootstrap Update the front end of OpenGTS to bootstrap 3 or 4. - All the Reports should be updated to bootstrap design (HTML tables etc.) . - All UI plugins should be updated to bootstrap (Eg. Datepickers, dropdowns, etc.) Link to OpenGTS - [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] 16 Java, HTML5, jQuery / Prototaip, GPS, Butstrap Nov 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017Tamat RM1336
real time detection and tracking real time detection and tracking object by raspberry pi 19 Mikropengawal, GPS, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017Tamat RM2079
Fix GPS quote tool on website Please go to this link: [URL dibuang, sila log masuk untuk melihat] On the right side of the website you will see a 'get a quote' panel (you will have to view in chrome or internet explorer as it does not work properly in firefox). This is for UK postcodes (zipcodes) only, and is used to generate a quote for a parcel delivery (user enterscollection and delivery postcodes) This wor... 5 PHP, GPS Oct 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017Tamat RM106
TrackMe2017 We need an app to direct employee work location for servicing, we need to collect information send by customer and assign eng to resolve the issue. 12 Mobile App Development, GPS, Pemerolehan, Pereka Aplikasi, App Developer Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Tamat RM910
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