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At its core, Signal Propagation Assessment is a technical process which involves a deep analytical evaluation of wireless connection signals. It is both a preventative measure and a troubleshooting tool used to ensure that robust and reliable wireless networks are created, designed and operating with maximum efficiency. A Wireless Site Engineer is well versed in the complexities of radio frequency engineering, including signal propagation assessment. These professionals are highly trained in analyzing factors such as tower height, type of antenna, and weather conditions in order to gain insight into optimizing wireless transceiver systems for maximum performance.

Here’s some of the projects our expert Wireless Site Engineers made real:

  • Conducting site surveys only with hand-held scanners to measure signal strength
  • Installing directional antennas to shape and define the major coverage area desired
  • Configuring firmware and software parameters to ensure maximum coverage efficiency
  • Performing link budget calculations that provide a technical view of success or failure when targeting specific service ranges
  • Running predictive simulations so potential locations can be evaluated before any hardware is installed or placed on site
  • Automating systems to reduce overall downtime and maintenance costs

Signal Propagation Assessment is an investment in ensuring that wireless networks function properly and at peak efficiency. The right Wireless Site Engineer can quickly deliver timely and accurate results, saving organizations time and money. If you're looking for assistance with your own project, has professional engineers ready to help. Post your project today and get started in making your project a reality.

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