Vector Tracing is a skill that converts basic 2D drawings or images into a clean, clear and well-defined format for documents, logos, artwork and other creative specifications. A Vector Tracing Specialist helps the clients to get their desired artwork or design in a high quality vector format. They can help reproduce a logo from jpg to AI or EPS image, redraw a cartoon from a photo in vector format, Illustrate or trace regular designs, convert low-resolution mockups into high-definition productions and more. Apart from these tasks, Vector Tracing Specialists work with updated trends and modern techniques to produce realistic images and accurate digital files in vector format.

Here's some projects that our expert Vector Tracing Specialist made real:

  • Reproducing logos to create digital artwork representations
  • Drawing cartoons from given photos to redraw them in vector formats
  • Designing illustrations and tracing regular designs according to the client's specs
  • Creating accurate digital files in vector formats from basic 2D drawings or images

Vector Tracing helps clients build an artistic representation for their creative ideas that can be used for either personal or commercial purpose. Our Vector Tracing Specialists are focused on providing remarkable outputs and would help clients to transform their ideas into an illustrative design that can be used anywhere with ease. If you want to make your ideas come alive then you can easily hire an experienced Vector Tracing Specialist from who has the expertise to fulfill your needs and turn your concept into reality. So why wait? Post your project for free now, at, and get your desired results delivered right away!

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