Proposal for 3D Animation Project in Blender

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Project Scope: I am keen on creating a 3D animation similar to the one depicted in the attached image.

The development should be carried out using Blender, and I require the original Blender file for future adjustments and the creation of additional animations. The goal is to have a flexible base animation featuring a forklift, enabling me to generate various scenes by modifying its positions. Your deliverable should empower me to customize the animation and seamlessly produce distinct scenarios showcasing the forklift in different configurations.

Looking at the sample that I have upload, you can see the forklift is a counter balance forklift

I’d like something very similar.

I’m going to use this as a template to explain different situations of risk that can appears in the warehouse.

The render do not need to be very realistic, for me this animation will be a explainer video

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