12 Archetypal Illustration images for print and web

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It is for illustrations/drawings/graphics for a guide I’m creating and its currently called Essential Archetypes: The stories of our lives, an introductory guidebook.

What it covers is Archetypes and their influences on us, a concept that I use in my psychic and coaching work. Basically to me, archetypes are energetic templates or patterns of energy that when they influence us, they cause us to think, feel, speak and act in specific ways as if we are living out a story or part of a story. One archetype is dominant at any given time in a person’s life, but sometimes it is two, and they influence us for periods of time. I typically begin with this during a session because it is the first thing that the Universe shows me for a person, and sharing about this dominant archetype may provide a lot of context for the day-to-day experiences that the client has been dealing with in their life.

I LOVE the archetypes and I work with 12 of them. They are the -

Innocent (aka Child)

Orphan (aka Wounded Child/Victim)

Caregiver (aka Mother)

Warrior (aka Hero)

Seeker (aka Wanderer)

Lover (aka Romantic)

Destroyer (aka Outlaw)

Creator (aka Author)

Ruler (aka King/Queen, Prince/Princess)

Magician (aka Warlock/Witch)

Sage (aka Hermit)

Jester (aka Fool)

You probably know these through the Tarot, plus the many other Archetypal forces. I mainly want to focus on these 12 for illustrations. The illustrations I foresee as full page, a lot like your facebook banner image attached below, such that the whole image connotes the archetype but zooming in on one section of it can also be used as an icon. I’ll attach the guidebook itself as it is right now. Visually it doesn’t capture my eye. The illustrations I envision would be symbolic and image rich yet cohesive as they are all a family. The guidebook is mostly information already in my Psychic Gym handbook I’ve used for years as a textbook but it is a rich portion and so deserves its own work.

Let me know if you have any ideas as I'd also like to connect in person to discuss thoughts, questions, etc.

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