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We want to get solid, well-informed advice on how to recruit for one of our clients.

One of our clients has asked us to help them to recruit experienced Spa therapists for Spas in Europe.

We need to get information on where to look for this type of staff.

Required qualifications for the current open positions at one Spa:

- Education background Doctor of Tradtional Chinese Medicine, or similar university/college degree

- Specialization in Chinese Tuina and reflexology/acupressure

- Minimum 3 years (preferably 5+ years) experience performing Tuina, reflexology and facials in Spa/Wellness or hospital setting

- Strong, in very good physical and mental condition

- Basic English required, but fluency not required

The employment contracts are for full-time positions, minimum 4 months maximum 2 years.

Work permits will be arranged by employer.

Fixed monthly salaries plus bonus, typically EUR 3000+

We will reward useful, concrete information on how to find the best qualified applicants for these jobs, plus give a bonus to those who nominate applicants which our client eventually decides to hire.

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