I am looking for someone to shoot and edit a Promotional Campaign Video. I am a Mental Health Activist from London about to launch a campaign across the UK to break the stigma around Mental Health and would like a video to go with my campaign launch.

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My name is Mohammed Sbahuddin Rafiuddim and I'm a Mental Health Activist from London. I'm about to launch a national campaign across the UK to break the stigma associated with Mental Health and to educate the public about Mental Illness. I need help shooting and editing a promotional campaign video to go with my launch.

The desired length of the video is 1-3 minutes, and I would like the video to be in a storytelling/narrative style. When it comes to specific locations or individuals, I am open to recommendations as to what works best for the context of the video.

I am seeking a professional who can provide creative video capturing and edit work to meet my vision and needs of the campaign. The video should be able to effectively tell the story of the campaign - sparking awareness and provoking engagement from the audience. Ultimately, a video which resonates with the goal of breaking the stigma around Mental Health.

If this is something that you are passionate about and willing to bring to life, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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