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Skeleton program for several different future purposes neede

We will be delivering android based tablets to several different customers, each with their own information and their own design.

All information will be presented by means of a web page on a local server at the customers’ offices.

We need a skeleton program that calls two different webpages. One for a horizontal layout and one for a vertical layout.

The addresses will be hard coded into the program and must therefore be very easily changed for us in the future, preferably by an easily accessible variable in the code. The variable can look something like

URL = “[url removed, login to view]” or URL = “[url removed, login to view]” depending on the orientation of the tablet.

The app should be run in full screen mode without status bar or title bar. The only thing visible should be the webpage and it must fill the whole screen.

The app will probably be run on a screen with resolution 1024x600 or 1280x800 but this may change and should not be a limitation in the program. If this must be put in code for some reason somewhere, it must be as easy as the URL to change, preferably at the same place

When the program starts it should lock down all other features of the tablet. Everything but the volume control. The user should not be able to use any other buttons on the tablet. That is, they should not be able to go to start page and use other programs than this one once the program has been started.

API Level 13 should be used. If a higher API level must be used for some purpose, the reasons for this must be discussed with us and we need to have agreed on a higher level.

General requirements

General requirements for companies or individuals doing application development for ataco it AB, Signalhornsgatan 124, 656 34 Karlstad, Sweden. From here on called ataco.

When performing programming tasks or projects for ataco, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

• The developer may not reuse ideas or technical solutions provided by ataco for their own or other customers’ benefit.

• All code must be formatted according to the development style guidelines.

• Each function must have a specific and limited purpose.

• Documentation of functions must include the following:

o Documentation is made within the code.

o Author

o A description of the function's purpose and logic.

o Each parameter's type, default value and purpose.

o If value is returned, its type, (default value), and description of contents.

• All variables used must be declared and initiated with a default value.

• Each function must have a clearly defined author that is responsible for the function in question. This must be marked as a comment in the code. If a programmer that is not the author of a function changes a function, that author must mark the change with their Programmer ID (provided by ataco) and the reason for the change

• All source code, project files and elements needed for a compilation or any kind of change of the program must be delivered without delay to ataco after each milestone has been completed and payment has been made.

• No files (including source code or compiled executables), documentation or conversation logs, can be shown or handed to a third party without a written consent from ataco.

• A task is considered “done”, when the following bullets are fulfilled:

o Code follows style guidelines and is clearly documented.

o Code compiles and executes without errors.

o Functionality according to task, has been included in the application.

o Code and functionality have been tested and verified by ataco.

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