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Project Overview:

We are seeking a skilled developer or a development team to create "Abwab Forums," a modern, feature-rich forum application. The project involves utilizing Discourse as the foundational platform and custom developing additional features to meet our specific needs. Our goal is to build a highly interactive, user-friendly, and community-driven application.

Core Requirements:

The developer(s) will be responsible for both integrating existing features available in Discourse and custom developing additional functionalities as outlined below.

Existing Features in Discourse:

Standard Authentication: Implement sign-in, sign-up, and forgot password functionalities.

Direct Messaging: Enable private messaging within the platform.

Moderator Assignment: Allow administrators to assign moderation roles.

Pinned Topics: Implement functionality for pinning topics.

User Reports: Facilitate users to report inappropriate content.

Dashboards: Develop administrative dashboards for insights.

Image Replies: Allow users to respond with images.

Archiving Topics: Enable users to save topics in their profile.

Reply Threading: Create nested conversation structures.

Language Filter: Implement a content filter based on user language preference.

Custom Development Tasks:

Karama Points System: Reward users with points for engagement.

User-Created Sections: Empower users to create their own forum sections.

Custom Rules for Sections: Allow custom rule setting by section owners.

ID Hiding Feature: Enable anonymous participation.

Voice Note Replies: Integrate voice note functionality.

Exclusive Moderator Sections: Create dedicated sections for moderators.

Blocking Moderators: Allow users to block moderators.

Direct Message Requests: Mandatory request acceptance for DMs.

Follow/Unfollow System: Users can follow or unfollow other users.

Personal User Walls: Enable personal user pages.

Main Topics Management: Highlight and manage main forum topics.

Personalized Post Display Algorithm: Curate content based on user behavior.

User Location Feature: Implement location-based functionalities.

Section Payment System: Monetize access to certain sections.

Ads Management System: Manage advertisement placements.

Upvote/Downvote Feature: Content voting system.

Online Video Recording: Record and post videos within the forum.

Stickers in Posts/Messages: Include a sticker collection.

Subscription-Based Payments: Implement a subscription model.

Wall Customizations: Personalize user walls.

Section Admin Rights: Grant admin rights to section creators.

Bug Reporting System: Implement a bug reporting mechanism.

Admin Transfer in Sections: Allow admin role transfer.

Section Customization: Personalize sections with themes and colors.

Real-Time Post Timing: Show post times dynamically.

Admin Report Handling: Manage user reports.

Privacy in Reporting: Protect reporter identity from moderators.

Desired Skills and Experience:

Proficiency in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, as Discourse is built on these technologies.

Experience with Discourse platform and its customization.

Strong background in web application development, UI/UX design, and responsive design.

Knowledge of database management, cloud services, and server maintenance.

Ability to implement robust security measures and privacy protocols.

Project Timeline and Budget:

Please provide an estimated timeline and quote for the project.

Indicate any potential challenges and your approach to solving them.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are requested to submit a proposal outlining their experience, portfolio showcasing similar projects, and a preliminary plan for undertaking this project.

We need web/ios/android including source codes

Code should be on github

Code should be dockerised

Delivery before 15th of January fully functioned app

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