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I am in need of a skilled programmer who is proficient in making a webpage that can be used for the Generation of Button (pins)templates in PDF.

The goal is that the user comes to the webpage uploads the image he already has and then can pick the button size, model and quantity.

After filling in some fields and checks the system will generate PDF pages with the images on, so I only need to print this on paper and cut out fiscally the circle designs and can start making buttons.

For design:

There is already a design in bootstrap / HTML. Use shit design an make it working software based on the functional requirements and the price table for calculation.

Key things:

- Calculation based on model, size, and quantity

- The user must be able to basic Horizontal / vertical scale the imported image

- The Red and Green lines are guide lines for the print ant cutting. So they change for every button Size (in mm).

- Checking of input fields

- Calculating the design in the button maker and converting it to Printable PDFs (A4) paper. So the system must calculate how many papers it needs for the quantity of buttons. So they change for every button Size (in mm).

- Option to Download a printable PDF (with all the quantity of the buttons in generated)

- Order button function will send an email with contact information and a link to the PDF to the shop owner.

- In the attached acceptance criteria there is a word, in yellow please tell me the word before chatting, So I know you read the specs

For tech:

Angular with c# or if someone preferred PHP that is fine.

If you want to make a cloud based page that is also possible

Looking forward to working with someone.



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