Convert Java JSP and Servlets to RESR Web Service on StringBoot -- 5 - 17/05/2023 11:43 EDT

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Controller classes need to change to the REST Web service style ( Jersey framework ) with JSON.

DTO classes exist but they should be mapped to JSON.

All JSP should be converted to RESR Controller also.

All application controllers and DAO classes (business layer) must be JUnit tested with hsqldb or h2.

All SQL logic must to use the Spring JDBC Template. Not Hibernate and Not JPA

AS a result Maven Script must run the JUnit test version 5 and test All http request and HTTP responses

New project complete on 50% . It needs to be complete. I added Swagger API doc. I need to cover by JUnit test and Bussines flow cases with Fixing errors and issues on the road map to complete the project.

Good to know JSP and Servlert to read old cms code.

Very important existing xml must match with JSon structure.

So it was almost done.

It need to write JUnit test for everyone controller with memory db(hsqldb or h2).

It have swagger API now for converted controler . It need to be extended to convert all controler .

JUnit test must use Apache http client which call web service via Swagger Speciation then rest controller calls any memory db with preload db records for test cases.

Except controllers test . It need business logic tests via JUnit such as.

1. User do search as anonymous user then find items then add item to cart then do login to account then pay for items.

2. Next the same scenario as above for with new user registration.

3. User do new registration (new account) then create own internet shop then add new item on internet web shop with existing images.

4 . The same scenario as above but extended via upload new images and images upload verification.

5. The same scenario as above pluse add search keywords for local search and Google search. Just test local item search by keywords.

6. The same as section 3 but test option to post item to global sales . It means that item will be available to buy on global Internet site (main site).

It means that item from user web site will be visible in main site like item moved from local account to market place.

5. Access to swagger must me authorized. It means swagger API page must show dialog window for authorization and authentication.

Project notes:

[login to view URL] code has issue and must be tested by JUnit.

2. Upload image is not implemented and upload verification. It should be veryficated and JUnit tested .

3. DTO objects (JSon) must be verified with xml responses which old application does.

It was not verified via JUnit test cases for very controller.

It is done but must must be verified and fixed if it is is not done.

The New is Publisher project.

New Project to make UI functionality which post product items and article items and other info item to display them in catalog on home page.

So web services is test by JUnit already and there is Flutter on Dart Dummy UI (prototype the post UI ).

So the Publisher project must has the same functions like on Old CMS.

So It should be done with Catalog page to display data and edit it .

Catalog is separate sigle page application but forward edit request to Publisher Single page application.

Since it is part of microservices architecture.

UI Publishing Code with Catalog is here

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Prototype is done . I need interaction with Web service.

Make Android and Iphone files and push to App store and Play strore.

So UI must me tested with automation tool like protractor in angular.

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