CRM Application Development - 26/09/2023 00:06 EDT

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We seek a skilled developer who can design and implement an on premise CRM, perhaps based on one of the open source options available in the market, but tailored to our requirements. The successful freelancer will have a proven track record in developing CRMs, with the ability to create intuitive user interfaces, and ensure data security. Attention to detail, effective communication skills, and the ability to work within set timelines are essential. We have attached the basic blueprint of the CRM system to this job posting. Please review it carefully and note any changes or alterations you would suggest. Looking forward to collaborating with a talented freelancer who can align with our goals and deliver a top-notch CRM solution.

We are looking for someone who is detail-oriented, communicative, and able to work collaboratively with us to ensure that the application meets our needs. If you have experience in developing CRM systems, please reach out to us to discuss the project further.

We are looking for an experienced developer skilled in open source CRM platforms such as Pipedrive, Zoho, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, EspoCRM, Vtiger, Odoo, or any other widely used open source CRM you think suitable for our requirements. Our goal is to transition from InfoFlo to a more user friendly open source alternative. The CRM should be web based and able to be used with Firefox or other popular browser. Source code for the new CRM must be provided.

Key responsibilities include:

Web Server: Confirm the required specifications for open source web server and database engine.

Data Migration: Safely and efficiently transfer our data and business from InfoFlo to the chosen open source CRM. The developer should ensure minimal downtime during this process and must validate the integrity of migrated data.

Extensibility: The option to further enhance the CRM should be available

Unicode support

Tracking: Automatic tracking of changes and deletions (who and when)

CRM Customization: Configure workflows, reports, and dashboards based on our specified business requirements.

eMail Integration: Automatic synchronisation of gmail email

Documentation: Complete and comprehensive user instructions should be available

Multi User: Minimum 15

Installation Package: Provide an installation package that can be used to set up the CRM on other PCs

Support: Provide ongoing support to maintain the CRM system, troubleshoot issues, and implement updates or upgrades as necessary (under a separate agreement/contract).

Please see setarate detailed specification document

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