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218626 english rewriters needed


I have the immediate need for sentence mapping database, in any format, in part of full. Example is:

'is in fact' => 'is actually',

'most of the time' => 'generally',

'you have to have' => 'you need',

'unless you are somehow' => "unless you're in some way"

the part on left is the original, on right what it has been re-written to; this isn't just any old re-write though, as the rewrite should now make sense in all contexts


this is in fact a sentence

this is actually a sentence

that is in fact really great

that is actually really great

Work flow is as such (this is how I've been doing it)

get an article eg:

"As someone who surfs the Internet frequently for research and writing, I tend to use search engines a lot. Now basically, all search engines are the same. The track and seek out relevant information based on keywords I specify. But when it comes to the relevance of those keywords, I have found Yahoo search to be the best. Others might claim that google search is the best while still others plum for AOL search or Netscape search. But for my usage and specifications, there is nothing to compare with Yahoo search. Let me tell you why."

rewrite it to

"as a person who trawls the net often for writing and learning, I often use search engines a great deal. Now simply put, all search engines are virtually identical. The hunt and look for information with some bearing based on my chosen key phrases. But when it comes to the pertinence of those keywords, I've found Yahoo search to be the greatest achiever. more may state google search is the best whilst more may settle for AOL search or Netscape search. But for my own needs, there is no other like Yahoo search. if i may explain."

and what i need is the bits that where re-written:

"As someone who" => "as a person who",

"surfs the Internet" => "trawls the net",

"frequently" => "often",

"research and writing" => "writing and learning"

I don't mind if you rewrite new articles (i can provide) or just rip apart things you've already done. It's a list, in the format above that I need.

I was doing these and getting about 90-100 phrases per hour. And if your still reading I'll know because you'll be sticking the word jangles in your pmb or bid you see, anyways.. virtually every single one of these will be checked, quality is of the uptmost importance!

also you may be interested, I've got a massive list of word rewrites that needs nouns and crap stripped out it. could do that instead if you want -> here's an example.

" abeyant " => " delayed ",

" abhor " => " execrate ",

" abhorrence " => " detestation ",

" abhorrent " => " obscene ",

" abide " => " stay ",

" abiding " => " permanent ",

" Abidjan " => " metropolis ",

" abient " => " impulse ",

" Abila " => " promontory ",

" Abilene " => " metropolis ",

" ability " => " knowledge ",

" abiogenesis " => " autogeny ",

" abject " => " miserable ",

" abjuration " => " disavowal ",

" abjure " => " retract ",

" Abkhaz " => " Circassian ",

" Abkhazian " => " Circassian ",

" ablactate " => " deprive ",

" ablactation " => " exchange ",

" ablation " => " operation ",

" ablative " => " oblique ",

" ablaze " => " aflame ",

" able " => " healthy ",

" ableism " => " discrimination ",

" ablism " => " favoritism ",

" abloom " => " mature ",

all I'd want to be left with is:

" abhorrent " => " obscene ",

as thats the only one that will make sense in all context's if you get me.

please pmb me first to let me know you understand, even 1 or two sentence example will do.

I need a quote for either 500, 1000, or 2000 OR to trim out the afore mentioned rubbish :)

Skills: Semua Boleh, Penulisan Semula Artikel

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