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I need articles written on the following areas - this isn't a 'search engine keyword' job - I need helpful, informative, interesting articles that are all your own work, in purfict English.

The articles will be aimed at young, unsigned artists so the style can be pretty light & not too formal. I can provide some great links which provide indepth information on each area, but stress that these articles must be original & you may need to do your own research too if you're not familiar with the subject area.

Articles need to contain information relevant to both the UK and the US - but with a heavy emphasis on UK. I can't really give you a 'guide word length' - it's akin to 'how long is a piece of string' - just write what is necessary to get the information across. However, I am hoping to end up with something similar to [url removed, login to view] (that's the major source of research for your articles, too.)

Preference will be given to people who've written music industry articles before and can produce samples - and, as always, financed out of my own pocket so lowest bidder!

Please bid the TOTAL amount for all articles below - however, if there's one article that catches your attention which you're an expert on, and you feel you'd excel at it - send me a PM.

ARTICLE ONE: PUBLISHING (this will be probably be the longest article)

- What is publishing?

- How do I make money from publishing?

- How is songwriting income split with a publisher?

- What does a music publisher do?

- Do I need a publishing deal? / pros and cons

- What types of music publishing deals are available?

- Do I need to start my own publishing company?

- Self-publishing overview

- How to set up your own publishing company - UK/US.

- Approaching publishing companies


- Why playing live is important

- Getting your first gigs

- Rehearsing

- Developing a stage presence

- Get ready for a gig

- Soundcheck

- Make the best of a gig

- Put on a showcase gig

- Play gigs nationally

* Supporting signed artists

* Festivals

* Touring

* Gig exchanges

* Working with foreign artists

* Getting an agent

- Publicise your gigs

- Set up a gig night

- Buy a PA


- What a manager does

- Things you can expect from a manager

- The MMF/US equivalent

- When is right time to approach a manager

- Approaching a manager

- Choosing a manager


- Choose tracks for a demo

- Home recording – the basics

- Home recording – the equipment

- Home recording - buying a mixer

- Choose music software

- Find a recording studio

- Get ready to go into the studio

- Make the most of a session

- Make the most of the mix

- Mastering

- Find a producer

- Clear samples


- Copyright

- Publishing agreement main terms

- Management agreement main terms

- Production agreement main terms

- Producer agreement main terms

- Recording agreement main terms

- Band names and the law

- Band agreements

- Remixer's agreements


- Income from record sales

- Income from songwriting

- Performance royalties

- Performing Rights (PPL/PRS)

- Mechanical Rights (MCPS)

- Other collection agencies

- Other sources of cash for bands

ARTICLE SEVEN: 'All the other stuff'

- Production Deals

- Sending out demos

- Use distributors for DIY releases

- Planning to approach record labels

- Start your own label

- Use distributors for a record label

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