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i have purchased a software bundle called Group [url removed, login to view]

some days ago and need some small modifications.

[url removed, login to view]

project details:

i plan to authenticate some users on gameservers.

each player has a unique id which is called steam id.

a steam id look like: STEAM_0:1:10129553

and can be up to 64 characters long

a plugin which is running on the game servers

submits a set of steam ids to a web server where

the Group Manager .Net is running.

here i'd like to check each steam id for beeing

registrated or not.

the submittion looks like:

/[url removed, login to view];Data=0:1:1234567|0:1:123456|0:1:123456789|

please note:

1) the plugin don't sends "STEAM_" in front of each steam id

2) the size/length of each steam id can be different

3) each steam id ends with delimiter "|"

4) affiliate id is the user sign up id

the [url removed, login to view] script should check each steam id and return the status:

1) "registrated" - for a valid user (with confirmed email adr. if this option is enabled)

2) "pending" - registrated user (with unconfirmed email adr. if this option is enabled)

3) "notfound" - unregistrated user

4) "blocked" - the user was blocked from admin and is not allowed to sign in into webinterface,

the block also don't allows to reset the pending status when the signup was not completed

the return should look like:




please note:

it is required to have one steam id and status per line,

it is also important to have a "|" as delimiter after each argument.

the gameserver plugin parses these information and forces a registration for

the unregistrated users. here each user get a website with the following dynamic url call:

/[url removed, login to view];SteamID=0:1:1234567

there i'd like to show a signup form which has 2 steps:

1) the user has to enter his email adr and click signup button

2) when email confirmation is turned on the user get a message

that he has to check his email and click the confirmation link,

by clicking the link of the email we'll show step 2 of the signup proccess.

if email confirmation is turned off we show step 2 instantly.

3) on step 2 we request some more (required) information

from the user like username, password, language, country,

sex and [url removed, login to view] he completes the signup we store the information

with his own sign up id (sequential integer) and the affiliate id on db and return

status "registrated" each time the game server plugin starts a lookup for this id.

please note:

1) i'd like to delete not confirmed signups after 7 days automaticly.

2) if a user with a pending signup for a steam id opens the registration form

again i'd like show a message that he has to check his emails and click the

registration link. also i'd like to have a reset button which deletes all

records from db about the pending status to give them the chance to

reenter the email adr or use an other one. so the signup process should

be restarted from step 1. this reset should work for pending registrations only.

additional stuff:

1) it should be possible to sign in with steam id and password OR username and password

2) i'd like to have 2 user groups, the normal users/players and the affiliates.

to become an affiliate there should be 2 ways:

a) beeing a registrated user and clicking a link in the member area.

- here the users have to enter some more details, like full name,

adress and payment information

- they should also have access to some additional member pages

b) beeing a totally new user and clicking a link on the public area

- here the users have to enter all details on all 3 steps:

a) entering email adr.

b) entering login and common information

(same as for normal players)

c) entering contact and payment information

- the only different here is that we don't have the steam id

that's all :)


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