Corporate website/template

Please only bid if you are qualified and have the resources to deliver.

No $100 bid. This site will require high quality graphics. And corporate

Logo and branding type design

We need a Corporate website/template built, that

has all the menu's and other makeup of a site designed. I have outline

90%. 1. Trying to get a close estimate 2. Find the right entity for the

job 3 And a team that can implement it quickly once we reach a deal.

Business information

Type of business the website will be servicing: : Product & Service,

Wholesale, Retail, Education training

Type of web site desired: Corporate template

The Goal and Purpose of the Web Site

A Corporate web site...promoting video digital surveillance. It will be

able to service each

sector of our company. This website will be built on the same concept of

a alarm company.

Example www.adt.com.

The main clients that we will service are:




The theme of this website: Digital video surveillance. Place and play


What does your company do?

Our company has developed a digital surveillance system that allow user

the monitor, store and process digital video. We has developed a system

that is affordable to everyone and move standardize the market with a one

system fits all type of marketing.

Our target market is homeowners, commercial business, and government


We will offer them the ability monitor there home r office from anywhere

in the world. Using a regular computer system with internet access, mobile

phone, and PDA's.

The alarm industry grew at a rapid pace. Due to changing technology and

the ineffective nature of alarm systems in home and businesses. The law

enforcement agency disregard alarm warning and do not respond most of the

time. The consumer pay to have a system installed, monthly monitoring and

then false alarms responded to. We will give the consumers a visual target

to see and the law enforcement a tools to apprehend. The digital

surveillance systems does away with the black & white cctv system that is

limit in some many ways. We provide digital color, remote monitoring, and

real time access.

Our Corporate site will be a interactive place for our clients to log-in

and monitor, service, and communicate.

We will sell approximately online 10-20

And offer 5-10 services

The system will be run on windows2003 or Linux.

The backend that support the system, can be view at [url removed, login to view]

Application ...consideration...ASP PHP (special note: Dislike PHP

block type sites)

When applying for this project. Please be aware of some of the URL's that

I have talked about. It will give you a vision of what I [url removed, login to view]

These designs or schemes appeal to us.

What the developer need to know about building this site and the


Clean Corporate layout........Example. [url removed, login to view] This website

also has a clean layout and not cluster with menu items everywhere. But

information is easy to find. White & Blue designs would be appreciate

At [url removed, login to view] the website and over content service is great. If you

explore the site you will see TAB layout for each type of customers

servicing their accounts. So if we are servicing .....




Under each of those tabs a customer will be in the area for his account.

They will log-in. And there would be different type of tabs that have

information to manage those accounts

It will have small flash design in the middle to give the customer the

vision of what they are getting. Example: [url removed, login to view]

This site-s small flash in the page is what is needed on each page of out

website it would paint the vision of:

A person sitting in front of the computer viewing video of their home.

left side. and a home on the right

A person walking with a mobile phone or PDA and viewing their home or


Person viewing their business

Or watching an employees A construction workers viewing a site

Businessmen observing his cash register while on a cruise

These small flash files will give the vision of people monitoring,

managing, and protect their assets.

So each page will include one or it might just rotate...whichever is


The index page layout will have Example [url removed, login to view] The template

must able to add menu's easily.

Residential, Commercial, Dealers Includes Residential solution tabs and

Business solutions

with menu to direct customers

Log-in to anyone of the below with tabs at the top

Manage your accounts


Residential... tabs format.... Video...My Account...products &

service...service ticket

Commercial...tabs format.......video..Account..products &service ticket

Dealer login.......register user........apply to be a dealer


Customer setup.....Inventory


ticket..service scheduling..purchase order..reports....sales appt...dealer

management report. Please leave spaces to add more...So this must be menu

type are side displays.

Website specifications

Things needed to be included

Main Elements:

Company info

Products / Services

Contact info (Service ticket center)



Feedback form (Service ticket center)

Calendar of events

Event registration form

FAQ area

Photo gallery

Case studies

Associations / Partners / Alliances

Press releases

Jobs postings


Discussion Forum

Site search engine (recommended for large sites)

Site map / Index page

customer references.

Online tour of our showroom and/or office.

A customer service page.

Other pages required:

Content for the Web Site

Consider the following when planning content for the web site:

menu Items


Product shots

Product demo

Press releases

Price and part lists

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and handling charges and constraints

Warranty policy

Privacy policy

Return policy


True and believable testimonials

Endorsements from known sources





Case studies

Industry recognition

Locations locally, nationally or internationally

business slogan or catch phrase.

The ultimate Place & Play Video surveillance system.

features of our products and/or services.

Monitor your home or business from anywhere and anytime.

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