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I would like to create a website which is very similar to [url removed, login to view] in functionality. It is an online estate agent that allows users to sign up and sell or buy property. I am building a mirror site for europe which will allow the same features but translation into several languages for wider sales coverage - but not just yet (but keep this in mind when you are thinking about how this can be tackled!). The following is a rough outline of what I need the site to do. I will of course write a more detailed outline (I can create a task list if necessary) but I think this covers the basic functionality. I need to be able to understand the code so I would like it to be commented as fully as possible - I can use/understand html/some dhtml & xhtml, javascript, css, some xml - but the site can use anything as long as I understand what is what! The actual graphics side and site design is not too important since this is something I can deal with - likewise for the text content. The functionality is the most important thing. So I don't want special menus building or anything like that - everything can be very basic, laid out very similarly to rightmove which is quite basic, and done by text links, as long as it all works really well. I will add in all the fancy stuff myself! At the moment my domain names ([url removed, login to view] and eu) are registered. I haven't set up hosting but you will be able to have access to the server which supports pretty much anything I think. I am also looking for a programmer who will not only create the site, but be willing to work with us in the long term to do more separate projects, i.e. develop and expand its features, work on the EU site etc. I will provide payment in escrow for the right programmer. --- USERS SELLING THIER HOUSE/LAND The site must allow users to create an account (with a user name and password of their choice), log in to their account and create sale listings for their own property, like the ones on the rightmove website mentioned above. The details they will be able to enter for their property will include options like: *Price (with options for 'offers in the region of', 'no offers') *Address and contact details - not all of these will appear in the final listing for confidentiality *Type of property (House, flat/apartment, bungalow, character property etc exactly as on rightmove) *Age of property (with options such as '1920-1930', '1930-1940') *Marketing agent (field, if appropriate) *Short description (for displaying in search results) *Long description *Special Features (optional) *Photos - the user should have the option of uploading 2 photographs with their free listing. I want them to be able to pay for additional services using paypal though, i.e. if they want to upload more photos, we will charge them £GBP per additional photo. They should be able to do this at the time of creating the listing, or they can go back and edit the listing and add additional services later. *Other files - the user should be able to upload any other file up to a specified size, eg 1mb. This could be restricted to certain file types, such as movie files. An additional service here might be to upload bigger files and we charge them £GBP per additional 1mb. *A further additional service will be our pdf brochure creation - we will create a brochure for them based on the info they have entered. This will be spell checked and presented in our standard form for them, and we will charge for this service. *Inclusion on our multilingual EU mirror website will be a further service. This should not be automatic - we will have to make this generate an instruction for our web designer to add their property within 7 days or something, because their entry will need translating and reviewing. Again this will be at an additional fee. *Nearby facilities - this is again an additional service we could offer, whereby we add info to their listing manually such as nearby transport links and nearby schools. Again it is just something we'd want to charge a fee for, either when they initially list the property or when they later want to edit their listing. USERS LETTING THEIR HOME The site must also be able to allow users to list lettings/rentals for houses and property - similar features to above. The creation of the account (sign up) must be free. The listing of their property must also be free. However, they should be able to pay for additional services in their listing as stated above (I may think of more but they will all be things we can calculate for on the initial listing or on future edits - the problem with the future edits is, we do not want to charge them for services they have already paid for). The user needs to be able to cancel the listing and should specify a reason so we can update potential buyers automatically via an email (for example, people who have added the property to their favourites list) - this will be from a list of preset reasons, eg 'property sold' 'no longer selling property' USERS BUYING The same account needs to have a section for users buying property. This should include a search feature similar to that of rightmove. They should be able to search by multiple keyword search, multiple location search, postcode (this might take only the first 2, 3 or 4 digits from the postcode so it's not too specific - so it would be good to ensure that the postcode entry is done in two stages so people enter it in such a way that will work for the search results. I'd really like ideally to do a search by postcode + say, 5 miles, 10 miles etc - I don't know how this works but rightmove do it so maybe you can figure it out), multiple county search etc. and also there should just be a general listing area eg. all listings by location. In fact, if this could be ordered at the user's choice (say, by price, by location, by newly listed) a bit like ebay, this would be fab. It should also enable them to save the results of their searches. It could do this by putting a check box next to each search result and giving the option for the user to save their favourite properties to a special folder. Also the listing needs to display any special features the seller has opted for, i.e. download brochure (if we have created one for them), download any files they have uploaded. Send to friend and see a map would be nice features to include. Send to friend would just need to send the link to the listing to a friend. I am not sure how show map would work unless you know of a way to do this so this is not going to be essential. It would be nice to be able to email users on a weekly basis any results that match their search criteria. ([url removed, login to view] do this). PRIVATE MESSAGES Users need to be able to send each other private messages, like emails only they can only be viewed by logging in to the website. This is like the ebay messaging system. It enables users to message each other without having to hand over personal information like email addresses and telephone numbers. The user needs to be able to log in and visit a home page which shows 'my sales' 'my purchases' 'my lettings' 'profile'. Their profile should let them change their email address, name and personal details, and password, but not their user name. NET ACCESS VIA MOBILE PHONE Rightmove use i-mode, "a simple technology that allows you to access the Internet from your mobile phone." This enables users to search for property on their mobile and send emails to the agent amongst other things but it requires a certain phone and certain technology. I would like the site, if possible, to detect that the user is using a mobile phone and divert them to a special phone friendly page which allows them to log in to their account do a basic search for the text only and short descriptions of listings, and to email the seller of the property using an online web form. SPECIAL CLASS OF USER: AGENTS I would like agencies to be able to create a special account but for this I would charge a fee. After which, all of their listings will be free. The account must allow them, if possible, to do bulk listings and so, this could be approached in a number of ways but I think the easiest way would be to allow them to save templates and use these to create listings - a good option (and something we could perhaps make available to ordinary users as well). Agents should be able to include all the same information as the ordinary user. However, I want to give them an incentive for signing up under an Agents account so I was thinking: *Let them have up to 8 free photos (rather than 2 like ordinary users) *Make their entries highlighted in the search results as 'showcased property' *Create a feature so that agencies entries are randomly listed on the home page of the website so they get additional exposure *And maybe other similar features that give agents the additional advantage. That's about it - post a message on the board if you have any questions. I'm not in a huge rush for this site but I'd appreciate any bids to also include an estimated timescale!

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