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220583 Problems With MLM Site

I'm having problems with a MLM site programmed with ASP not, but classic ASP, and an Access database. The site is a network "marketing" site that tracks the member's sign-ups and automatically updates their status when they bring in a new member. A programmer with experience with MLM sites is preferred.

Here is a description of the program and what the programming is supposed to do.

This is a 1-Up system where in order to be qualified to receive at each level you must first give up the first person you bring in to the person who brought you in (your Inviter).

Qualified = personally joining a level and bringing in 1 new member at that level. Then you are Qualified at that particular level.

The Qualifier = the first person that a member signs up at each level. This first sign up at each level is given up to the members Inviter. Example: Joe who is qualified at all levels signs up Tim. Tim signs up Jan at the $150 level. Jan is Tim's Qualifier at the $150 level. Jan is placed in Joe's receiving line and Joe receives the $150 from Jan.

Roll Up

When a member signs up a new member at a level he is not qualified at, the new member should roll-up to the next person in that particular line that is qualified at all the levels that the person is joining at.

Ex.1 Paul is only qualified at the 150 level. He invites Jane who wants to come in at all 6 levels. Only the 150 would go to Paul and the rest would go to the next person in line that is qualified at all the levels.

EX. 2 Paul is qualified at 150, and 250. He invites Jack who wants to join at 150, 250, 350, and 1500. The 150 and 250 would go to Paul and the 350 and 1500 should go to the next person up the line who is qualified at both 350 and 1500.

Note: The person joining should never have to send their gifts to more than 2 different places.

Note: You can only become qualified at a level that you have joined at. When you invite someone who "rolls-up" because he joins at a level you are not qualified at, it does not count toward you becoming qualified.

There are also automated emails that are sent out during the process which notify members of changes in their status.

The site is [url removed, login to view] site password is freedom

To view a member's back office login with:

member ID 1000535 pass 123456

You can get more read more detailed information about how the program is supposed to work by going to:

[url removed, login to view] &

[url removed, login to view]

The problems that have been occurring are:

1. Members becoming Qualified at levels they have not joined themselves.

2. Members becoming Qualified at levels that the new member they invited did not join.

Basically I need someone to learn how the program is supposed to work and then make sure the site is functioning properly.

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