Converting an ASP.NET Composite server control to a Templated control

I have attached an ASP.NET Composite Server Control project. This control has a file upload control, a label control and a button control. When the button is clicked, the label shows the current time and uploaded file name.

Please note, there is a Boolean property I made “Show Upload button”. upload area is shown only when this value is true.

Now I want to convert this control to be a templated control so that:

1] A link is showb in the smart tag “Edit Upload Template”.

2] And then, when the Control turns into the template mode, the developer must be able to set properties of these button controls and also he should be able to rearrange the buttons as usual.

3] When the control turns into Template editing mode, a “End template editing” link should appear in the smart tag to end the editing template.

4] Actually, the developer must be able to place any button type control in that template which can fire Command event (like Link Button, Image Button, Button). And the Command name "Upload" should be assigned to that button in the template. So, if this was done by a developer, then, clicking that button should do the same task.

The Designer and Smart tag classes are already defined in the attached project. You just need to implement the Template functionalities and thats all.

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