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Online Admin Updates

Change structure of promos to tie to client accounts instead of dedicated promo accounts

- Optionally tie offers to client accounts also

- Expand travel system to store and retrieve the URL of the form that generated the lead, including all related changes to admin system

- Expand offers system to include date/time brackets during which the offers are available

- Add click-tracking system to offers (not tied to billing, used for reporting only)

- Add click-track reporting to admin for offers from above

- Expand promo PPC and offers system to allow multiple categories to be selected for each

- Expand client extranet to include management tools to create PPC links

- Expand client extranet to include tools to create pre-paid offers that generate leads (first payment taken at time of creation, subsequent billing to be outlined for future development)

- Add auto-generation of leads to all offers that are tied to creator client accounts, creating exclusive leads for the account that paid for the offer to be included

- Admin tool for managing default PPC rates per category, and default offer-rates per category also

- Tool for creating "display sites" within the admin system, and for offer pricing on displayed sites

- Add "display on sites" options to PPC promos and one/three panel offers, to select the sites that each offer should display on

- Change ASP RSS feed code to include additional header information to support above changes

- Change Extranet sign-up pages to include support for PPC link billing, pre-paid offer billing, Overstock and auto-delivery lead type billing, with any combination thereof to be acceptable

- Change Admin client tools to support changes to Extranet sign up sequence

- Add email template selection tool into client area of admin system

- Add "redelivery" tool to admin, to include date range for leads to be selected, delivery status and maximum redeliveries to be attempted within the system. Redelivery batch to run for a selectable period (eg, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours).

- Add redelivery report to above tool, to include record of all current and prior redelivery submissions, current status, and the number of deliveries that were accomplished

- Expand delivery automation system to automatically incorporate leads marked up for redelivery attempts, and to update redelivery report for all leads that were delivered as part of the redistribution batch, plus runtime validation of redelivery batch to ensure that the maximum set of redeliveries is never exceeded

- Change current delivery system so that leads are kept within the system for a period of 24 hours after they are first delivered, subject to auto-delivery stale date elimination

Kemahiran: .NET, ASP

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