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Order processing and management system !

Next phase of development for [url removed, login to view]

Now that the ordering part of the system has been developed I now need a system that will allow me to manage the orders. In admin I will want to be able to view the details of the order that have been stored in the database. I will want a checkbox area that allows me to select / deselect what information is viewed. I should be able to edit this information aswell in case I need to update any details. As orders are placed using the order form ([url removed, login to view]) the status will be shown as Pending.

In order for the status to change we must take payment from the client. If we use the paypal checkout part of the system then this will be automatic and the status changed to Processed by Paypal (not just processed). However, if we take payment over the phone we must take payment befroe changing the status and assuming the payment processes ok we then change the status ourselves to Processed from a dropdown menu option. The menu options will be Pending, Processed, Completed. As the status of each order is changed an email is sent to the client (new email template) but NOT admin. As the order status changes from pending to processed other actions need to happen and I have detailed this below. When we attempt to change the status from pending to processed using the dropdown menu a further option will appear on screen (maybe a dialogue box).

For the product that we are selling we have to get information from other people and becuase of this they need to be sent separate emails (separate templates) when the status changes from pending to processed. The 2 people that need to be sent an email are our Search provider and the EPC assessor. The status can only be changed if the following is actioned;

Search Provider

The search provider will be listed in a dropdown menu and we will want the ability in admin to add search providers who will then be shown in the dropdown menu. As we select a search provider this will be recorded against the cusomers record and inserted into the dbase and can be viewed in admin by us. The search provider gets an email (new email template) saying that they have an order from Hip-Save. The customer order details will be shown in the email. I will want to edit in the email template the information that is displayed in this email.

EPC Assessor

This option is slightly different as we will allocate the epc assessors as we go and not in advance. The EPC assessor that is used for each client will depend on the postcode of the client. The epc assessor will typically live near the client. In some cases we might not have an allocated epc assessor for a certain postcode and nothing will be displayed in the list So this is what happens .... the status of the order is changed from pending to processed using the dropdown menu, the system then populates a dropdown menu of epc assessors we have in the database that will cover that postcode areas. (so we will need an area in admin where we can add epc assessors and assign postcodes to each of them - other data about the epc assessor will be taken aswell). If an epc assessor is listed it wil be shown in the dropdown menu. If there is more than one then i should be able to decide who i use from the list. As this is selected it will be recorded against the client record and can be viewed from admin. This will require a separate email template which will be sent to the epc assessor. If no epc assessor is shown in the dropdown list then we are prompted to allocate one in admin and the client record remains as pending until we add this information into the dbase.

Another option (dropdown list - Yes and No option) that can be selected before the status changes is if the epc assessor needs to measure and take photos of the house they are going out to. Not all epc assessors will do this so when we register epc assessors for a certain postcode area we will ask if they will do this and record it. We will also ask how much they charge for an epc on its own and how much they will charge for the epc and measure and take photos. This information is shown in the dropdwon aswell. If they are an epc assessor only then it will show Mr Smith - EPC - £40 and if they will measure aswell it will be shown as Mr Smith - EPC - £70 - Lister. If we need the epc assessor to measure and take photo's we select someone in the dropdown that is shown based on postcode match and select yes from the other dropdown to say that we need them to measure. If we select Yes from the dropdown but select a epc assessor that will only do the epc then an error will appear. An email is sent to the selected epc assessor however, If the drop down menu is selected as Yes then a different email is sent with some attachments of word docs because this is the paperwork the epc assessor will need to complete if they are measuring a property. I will need the ability to add, edit and delete attachments as I see fit. If No is selected from the dropdown box then this means that the epc assessor does not need to measure and take photo's but other dropdown menus will appear so that we can ask further questions. We will ask if the customer is in a Sole or Multi Agency Contract (dopdown menu), We will ask how long they are tied into the contract for (drop down 1 Week, 2 Weeks.... 52 Weeks), we will ask what percentage they are paying the agent (text field). This information will be used to contact the customer at a later date. I will want to run reports like show all clients where their contracts end in x weeks. I will use this information to see if we can list their property.

There will need to be a login area for the customer, the search provider and the epc assessor. As the status is changed from pending to processed the customer gets an email confirming this action (new template), as the search provider receives an email confirming an order from us and is required to confirm when the search will be ready by clicking on a link in the email, logging in using their allocated username and password and record the date against the customer record. As they login they will be shown the customer name and address and will have a calender option that allows them to record when the search will be ready. As they do this the customer gets an email (separate template needed) to update them. Similair action happens with the epc assessor... they are shown the customer records when they login after clicking on a link from the email. They can then be shown the customer name and address and an option to confirm the date and time of the appointment. The customer then gets an email (separate email template) confirming the date and time. There will be an option for both the epc assessor and search provider to change the date and time.

The information that is sent to us by the epc assessor and the search provider is in pdf format so we need an option where this can be uploaded against each record. They will only have access to records that they have been allocated jobs for. At the moment the epc assessor uploads one pdf document and the search company can upload 7 different documents. I will want the option to increase the number of documents that can be uploaded so this is something to keep in mind for the future. When the epc is uploaded by the epc assessor the client gets an email (new template) with a link so they can view this information. The same goes for all other pdf's uploaded. We will want an opyion in admin to access each client and upload these documents ourself in case they come into our office as attachments on an email rather than being uploaded.

There needs to be an area where the client logs in [url removed, login to view] and can see the progress of their order. I can tell you how to lay this out if necessary.

Please confirm your best price for doing this and the time it will take. I will then decide whether to place it as a project on GAF. Again, this is needed ASAP.



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