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We need some customizations made to our licensed ecommerce application. The "ProductCart" ([url removed, login to view]) comes with the full source code and is written in pure ASP, and therefore fully customizable.

You will receive the full Active Server Pages source code. If you are proficient with ASP, you will be able to make modifications to the system so that it better fits our needs. You can go to this demo store to try it out and see what the site flow would be like... [url removed, login to view]

Change #1: We need give our customers the ability to add Events for receipients they create when they register as a customer or when they are logged into the site.

Site Flow:

a. Customer would register or login.

b. The customer then would be sent to the "Thank you for registering page or logging in"

c. Customer would click "Add new Delivery address" and when they are entering that information we want them to enter events such as Birthdays etc for the receipient.

These events will be stored and used to send reminders to customers.

Change #2: The reminder service is the second modification that we would like to add to this application. This will enable the product cart to automatically send out a reminder before the event. (1 week) On the admin side we would like to have the ability to customize the reminders so they go out with our monthly specials or gift suggestions.

Change #3: We would like to add a module that allows the customer to schedule recurring delivery of products on certain dates and delay billing until delivery date. Rationale: So that every year on his wife's birthday product is automatically delivered. (this would be setup as a subscription type payment system where they schedule deliveries and frequency of delivery then full payment is processed the day the delivery is scheduled)

We know the shopping cart can be used in conjuction with [url removed, login to view] but if we can get it to interface with [url removed, login to view] gateway they have a recurring billing system already built into the gateway that we can use.

Questions for you:

(1) What is your total time and cost estimate to complete this project?

(2) Please detail your Web programming experience and provide samples of previously coded websites.

(3) Can you begin immediately?

Requirements for work if you are selected...

1. Present us with the Project Plan

The project plan will detail the work to be done as well as a timeline. This will include a detailed description of the services to be performed by you to reach the above objectives. Also include the date for when you expect to have the finished product.

2. Sign a Contract

This standard contract will include the project plan that you provide.

3. Sign a non-disclosure agreement

This agreement states that you will not release proprietary or confidential information about the project, and agree not to contact my client in regards to the project I am subcontracting out to you.

We need this project done immediately since we have been scammed by another "programmer" on [url removed, login to view] who was paid half up front and work was never done.

Please contact me with your bids even if they are higher than the listed amount above.

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