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Car Count Database Reporting

We have a car counting system at a hand car wash shop using video motion counting system There are two lanes and we have installed one camera for each lane. Our cameras take a snapshot image on every count but sometimes it gives multiple counts for one car. We will therefore need to apply a filter to get an accurate result (see below).

We want to develop an application which can get data (on certain criteria) from a database file ([url removed, login to view]) and send an email with this data at user specified times. We have a similar program already written for the purpose of people counting reporting, which might serve as a good shell for this development, as the structure of the email reporting is already in place, even if the specific queries aren’t configured.

“[url removed, login to view]” is an MS Access database file with a table named “RecognitionData.” This table has eleven columns, the first three of which we need to be able to query for reporting.

1st column (Camera) gives the identification of the lane / camera so that we could count how many cars were passed into that lane within a specified time (with the help of 3rd column).

2nd column (License_Plate) reads the number plate.

3rd time stamp of the event.

We want to filter the result with the following criteria:

1. The length of license plate (value), so all those value that would not meet these criteria we will not count. That will be in variables range (e.g. X to Y) so that we could choose according to the venue.

2. Every value should be alphanumeric. We will have choose of (Yes/No) here, some time it should be alphanumeric.

3. In oder to filter out the occasional double counting, in each lane / camera there should be a gap of X minute(s) between two events (value against time stamp). For example if camera 2 is getting two or more readings within X minute(s) we will count them as a 1.

In the report section we need following input fields to get certain reports.

• Opening Working Hours (time to time)

• Number of Shifts in a day (show next sub- fields accordingly)

o 1st Shift Timings (time to time)

o 2nd Shift Timings (time to time)

o 3rd Shift Timings (time to time)

o 4th Shift Timings (time to time)

• Email Recipient Account (s)

• Mail send timing (in check box)

o End of every shift

o End of every day

o End of every week

o End of every month

o Specify date of every month

• Shift wise Report between specified dates (Range option)

Break Section Report

Most of the cases we will be concerned about the breaks, for example if there is not any event in a certain time period, we get the result against following variables:

Camera / Lane 1 & 2

Shift 1, 2, 3, 4….

Between two Date & Time variables

All information that will be sent should also be saved in a table locally.

Sample of Report 1

(Need to Send Email at set intervals)

Date & Time Stamp

Shift 1: Qty in Nos. (Lane 1 Qty/ Lane 2 Qty)

Shift 2: XX Nos. (XX/XX)

Shift 3: XX Nos. (XX/XX)

Shift 4: XX Nos. (XX/XX)


Populated Tables after Email

Counting Table

Date Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3 Shift 4

1 Jan 2008 87 (42/45)* 68 (32/36) 48 (22/26) 18 (8/10)

…. …. …. …. ….

*Lane Information

Break Table1

Date Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3 Shift 4

1 Jan 2008 7 (2/5)* 8 (2/6) 4 (2/2) 1 (1/0)

…. …. …. …. ….

*When we click there get following detail table

Date Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3 Shift 4

1 Jan 2008 12:10:50 to 12:25:21 / 11:10:50 to 11:54:21 12:10:50 to 12:25:21 / 11:10:50 to 11:54:21 12:10:50 to 12:25:21 / 11:10:50 to 11:54:21 12:10:50 to 12:25:21 / 11:10:50 to 11:54:21

1 Jan 2008 12:10:50 to 12:25:21

…. …. ….

1 Jan 2008 12:10:50 to 12:25:21/

1 Jan 2008

1 Jan 2008

1 Jan 2008

1 Jan 2008

2 Jan 2008

Kemahiran: .NET, ASP, Visual Basic

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