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What I need is an online advertisng network. The most important part is real time reporting. I want to meet advertisers and publishers like [url removed, login to view] does. There is so many details with this project but to explain you in a short way, I need a website like [url removed, login to view] (everybody knows the website I beleive) I need an turnkey website, I meen not only programming but I also need a little design.

Waiting for your refference websites and price offers.


Proje Name :Online Advertising Network
Mission:: B2B Platform for Advertisers and Publishers
Detailed Information:
Mission 1- Advertiser can meet the website owners and create low-high budget Campaigns
Mission 2-All publishers (big or small).can choose any type of of advertising they want and make revenue.

This website does not need animations, special effects but needs a professionally look best example is www.cj.com
The most important part is programming There is no chance to make a mistake because advertisers will be billed with those real time stats and the publishers will be paid with those reports.
For the index page of my website you can take www.cj.com as arefference


Types of Advertising you can choose.

Banner -
There will be standart banner sizes an advertiser can upload.
Size Type
468 x 60 Full Banner
392 x 72 Vertical Navigation Bar Banner
234 x 60 Full Banner
125 x 125 Half Banner Square
120 x 90 #1 Button Banner
120 x 60 #2 Button Banner
88 x 31 Micro Button Banner
120 x 240 Vertical Banner
A publisher will choose one of those banners and will start to make revenue
Pay per click
Pay Per Sale
Pay Per Sign-up
Pay Per Lead
Pay Per Popup
*Exit Popup:
All of them have 2 types – Full page – Half page
Text Link – 10-20 characters
Background Image -


When you choose the “create a campaign” button a form appears and the advertiser chooses the advertising type he wants. If he want he can choose only 1 or he can choose all
Advertisers should determine their budget and should deposit it before the campaign starts. When the money is 0 then the campaign freezes. Before the end the advertiser should be warned to re-send money. Or advertiser can use unlimited campaign option and they deposit money.(min xxx usd). The campaign will not stop until the advertisers account is 0 usd. Advertisers can choose individual budgets for individual types of advertising types and different campaigns (for different products or websites).Whenever the advertiser wants he can freeze the campaign edit the preferences, add money, add banner or cancel anything etc.

Advertising type Price Budget
Banner 1 usd 1000 usd
Pay Per Clik 5 cent 200 usd
Pay Per Sale %25 or 5 usd unlimited
Pay Per Sign Up 1 usd unlimited
Pay Per Lead 50 cents 250 usd
Pay Per Pop Up 2 usd 100 usd
Pay Per Pop Under 1 usd 100 usd
Pay Per Exit Pop Up 3 usd 250 usd
Text Link Clik 3 cent 500 usd
Text Link CPM 50 cents 125 usd

By the way advertiser should use the setting option to decide “who can join the campaign” The Campaign
Only for A grade websites - A grade = Number of visitors, page views, sales made etc –(statics) are HIGH
Only for A grade websites - A grade = Number of visitors, page views, sales made etc –(statics) are NORMAL
Only for A grade websites - A grade = Number of visitors, page views, sales made etc –(statics) are LOW
Open for Every website
Inivte/Choose – An advertiser is free to invite a specific website for the campaign or even advertiser can offer higher rates for a specific website.


In this page Advertiser should see the account balance and add money

Publishers should see how much they earn and if the min limit is ok they can get their money.

Also both can edit their profile, account info, address, names, categories of the website etc


Advertiser should see how they manage their budget. They can select a time period and see how and where did they spend their money. Which websites performance is the best? etcAnd also they should see a real time report like the one below.

website name Advertising Type Pop up banner clik etc
www.dasda.com 12 cpm/12 usd 5 cpm/5 usd 58 click/ 6 usd ....
www.cadsadad.com 5 cpm/5 usd 15 cpm/15 usd 52 click/ 6 usd
www.grer.com 3 cpm/3 usd 56 cpm/5 usd 500 click/ 60 usd

Publishers should see a chart like that so they can decide which websites is the best for his own website.

There should be a professionally programmed administration panel to see EVERYTHING. Real time advertisers, websites, revenue, campaigns, best campaign, biggest campaign, low budget alarm, websites statics – page views, raw visitors, unique visitor, cpm ratio, click ratio message board, send special offers, send bulk mail, update almost every page (where possible) etc (anything I cant remember now and you can recommend)

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