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A satellite image (of 1000 * 2000 pixels for example). In order to simulate the satellite Observation, each pixel would need the following: Observed location (longitude and latitude),

Geometrical Data( Solar Zenith Angle, Emerging Zenith Angle and Relative Azimuthal Angle)

Cloud Physical Parameters(Cloud Optical Thickness, Cloud Effective Radius and Cloud Height etc.)

The Package List of the program I want to be modified is:

[url removed, login to view]

rstar6b.f Fortran-77 code of rstar6b

rstar6b-ps Fortran-77 root file of rstar6b for recompiling by pcomp for parameter size tuning

pcomp.f Fortran precompiler for adjusting parameters

data Experiment parameter file for rstar6b

out0 Experiment output file from rstar6b

MLATMD Atmospheric profile file

AERDB Particle profile file

[url removed, login to view] Mie kernel file

ckd.g.ch2_big_endian k-distribution file for big endian machine

ckd.g.ch2_little_endian k-distribution file for little endian machine

A subroutine list in this package

RSTR6B main subroutine of rstar6b

ABGASK subroutine to get absorption coefficients

SDP2 subroutine to interpolate abs coef. for pressure

TDOK2 subroutine to interpolate abs coef. for temperature

---Now I can run the program (on hp Windows Vista) by inserting manually every Geometrical Data in the data file and other data in the MLATMD, AERDB etc. As I would like to run many data (example 1000*1000 pixels)I need the program to read these data from an external file (I prepare all these external files as text), then store the results in the order of the files read (i.e. according to their longitude and latitude).

For example:in the "data" file on line 2,there is NA0(number of solar zenith angles) TH0(solar zenith angle value), I want the program to read this parameter from another file (image file and one pixel after the other).

Please if you are interested, respond to this mail and propose how much time and money it would take.I'm ready to provide more details if my explanations are not sufficient.

Thanks a lot



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