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We are working on the Korean dubbing for a travel show on YouTube, so we're currently in need of a Korean language native speaker who can do audio editing.

Your task is pretty straightforward:

1. We give you the video in the original language, the full script in English and Korean, and all the audio files recorded by our Korean voice actors.

2. You piece all the audio files together so that everything is correct according to the script, and matches the original voices in the video exactly.

> Sometimes, a single audio track may contain several separate lines, so you'll need to cut those tracks into individual parts and put all parts where they belong to according to the script and the video.

> Sometimes, you'll need to speed up the recordings that are too long (If is doesn't sound natural, you should let us know so our actors re-record that).

3. Check whether those audio recordings have inconsistencies/mistakes/errors. Let us know if there are missing lines.

4. Give us the audio file where everything is in its proper place.

> No mastering is needed. All the audio files must remain raw, because our sound engineer will do all the post-processing, mastering etc.

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