Urgent! I would like a system to be built along the same lines as Auto-bf (which you can find at [url removed, login to view])

I want to be able to log into Betfair through the system and select from the events menu Horse Racing or Greyhound Racing. I would then select the race events from the menu ( in the case of the horses I want to be able to select from the place market as well as the win market). I want to be able to do one of two things, be able to select a horse from each race myself or for the system to begin monitoring the race around five minutes before the race starting time and to then place a bet on the horse that is the favourite according to Betfair (the one that has probably had the most trading done on it is in general the favourite). I want to be able to set a profit target that the system would have to make for each race that it placed a bet on. So, on the first race it would need to calculate how much it would need to stake on the selected horse at the current odds to make the profit target, if the selected horse was to lose, I want the system to calculate the loss, add the profit target it sould have made on the first race to the loss, add the profit target that I want to make on the second race and then calculate how much it would need to stake on the selected horse at its current odds in that second race to make the amount calculated above. If that second horse was to lose I want it to go through the same process. So basically, If I place bets on 20 races with a profit target of [url removed, login to view] on each race and if the last horse was to win, I would have made 10.00 pound in profit (20 x [url removed, login to view] = 10.00 pound). If there are any un-successful bets, the software would need to put the ammount it was trying to make onto the next race. The profit target would be an amount chosen by the user but this would be fixed for every race.

I want the system to work with UK,USA and Australian markets.A box to fill in where you can tell the software to monitor all the horses or just the top three or four horses.A box to fill in the time for the software to start work and to finish work. A box to chose three options, to start monitoring the next event 5,10 0r 15 minutes before the event [url removed, login to view] show account [url removed, login to view] show a betting table like the Betfair [url removed, login to view] need to run 24 hours a [url removed, login to view] work fully automated, placing bets without the need for supervision. To have an history page, so I can see what bets where placed, at what odds, how much was staked and the result. Also to list un-successful bets if possible. If possible to add a percentage to each bet so it can take into account the Betfair commission charge (this is optional).

It would need to be free to use on Betfair. No API costs.

Optional: I would like to offer this software for free to my subscribers who join for a month, three months or six months. So my subscribers could download the software but would need to use a key to use the software which would last the same length of time as there subscription. So if they joined for a month they would get free use of the software, but after a month has run out the software would stop working until they renew there subscription, at which time they would get a new key to re-activate the software. (This is optional if it can be done)



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