automated roulette software

“Please refer to all screen images for further information”

I require the services of an experienced, reliable and honest programmer or developer.

The “program” I want created is a fully automatic online roulette playing tool. The “program” will play online roulette completely without any player interaction. Once the “program” is set up and running all wagers and betting placements will be fully automatic as per the operating instructions.

I don’t require an automated “bot” program as from what I understand for this to work the “bot” would have to be programmed into the existing online casino software. As this is a no-no in the online casino world, the “program” must not hack into any of the related casino software. I was hoping that using screen image capture software and possibly macro software, a suitable program can be made.

By referring to the screen images I have added, you will see that an online casino roulette table has 37 numbers including the zero (European version). The “program” will only be betting on the even money bets, these are red & black, odd & even, high & low only. No wagers will be placed on any single numbers at this stage.

The “program” will be used for trying and testing roulette systems. If you have some knowledge in the gambling industry then you will be familiar with the different types of betting progressions.

The “program” needs to be able to offer any betting progression and any betting pattern that is programmed into it. For example, if I wanted to double my wager after every loss, and half my wager after every win, then the “program” needs to calculate this and act accordingly. If I want the “program” to bet on red after a red number is spun, or black after a black number is spun. Hopefully you get an idea of what I mean.

Once a programmer has been selected, I will email all the exact mathematical calculations needed in the software. Once this “program” has been developed and running efficiently I will be continually adding features and upgrading, in saying this you will need to have customer support available for at least the next 6-12 months time, naturally you will be paid for this service. I will require a non-disclosure agreement signed and dated and I require the copyrights for all the software created.

I hope I have given you a fairly good run down of what I am looking for. I’m sure to the right person this will not be a complicated task.

Any queries please email me on . Thanks.

No time wasters please !!!

Additional: Here is a brief rundown of how to play roulette online.

Firstly you place a wager by clicking on the money amount you wish to use (ie $0.25 - $1.00 etc). then you click on the table position that you wish to bet on (ie red or black / odd or even etc). then you click on the “spin” button to activate the roulette wheel to spin. Once the ball lands it displays the number in the top right hand corner (score board) and also places a “puck” on the table position that it landed. This “puck” only lands on the numbers and not on the outside bets (red/black – odd/even etc). you then repeat the same process. If you look at the attachment it shows you how it works. The movie is very quick as I could only use 10mb.


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