BMI Calc and Graph widgit on html web page

Design an aesthetically pleasing and professional custom Body Mass Index calculator (like the one on the CDC and heart site below), using JavaScript, that I can embed the html code into an existing web page to display a box, like that shown below (both metric and english, like the example below.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view];inches=0

Details on the exact calculations can be found on the cdc site

I'd like a combination of the two sites. Use the CDC example, in terms of the display and English/Metric interface. However, on the same page, below the input boxes, display the range of values with nothing highlighted. Upon, hitting calculation, the appropriate range is highlighted, and a custom text description (based on range) is included above the ranges, but below the calc box. Include a refresh button below custom text, that when clicked will bring the box back to original blank slate. See attached pdf. Use colors 0e2b8d and 0ba2c7. This will be accessed from within a html web page and be similar in size to cdc example.


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