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I'm seeking a versatile freelancer who can effectively undertake web development, content creation, and survey implementation. It's important to note that this project needs to be delivered within a month.

Key tasks include:

1. **Web Development**: Building a website from scratch or modify existing templates to meet our specific needs. Understanding of the latest web development trends and programming languages is essential.

2. **Content Writing**: Create engaging and relevant content for the website. Exceptional writing skills and a keen eye for details are a must.

3. **Survey Implementation**: Imported to this role is the ability to integrate a survey tool or function into the website. Experience in this area is highly desirable.

Ideal candidates should be proficient in multi-tasking and able to deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines. Strong background in web development, content writing, and survey implementation is preferred. To ensure website's effectiveness, candidates should be able to iterate on the design and functionality based on user feedback and data.

While the main goal of my website is not defined, the aforementioned tasks will ensure the website caters to a broad range of possible objectives.

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