Aluminium Products Sales Expert

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I am seeking a skilled Aluminium Trade Specialist to spearhead the sales of our aluminium extruded products. Our product line includes aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum sheets, rolled products, and aluminum foil, all tailored to standart or custom dimensions and specifications, provide a great opportunity for individuals like you to earn passive income.

We offer you the opportunity to earn passive income as well as become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about success and innovation in the aluminium industry.

**Key Responsibilities:**

- Establish and manage sales channels and clients for our aluminium products.

- Develop strategies to market and sell custom-sized aluminium extrusion profiles, sheets, and foil.

- Provide guidance on market demands and product specifications based on industry trends.

**Ideal Skills and Experience:**

✅ Proven experience in aluminium product sales

✅ Strong knowledge of the aluminium extrusion process and market demands.

✅ Ability to devise sales strategies and penetrate new markets.

✅ Excellent communication and negotiation skills to engage with customers and understand their specifications.

✅ Familiarity with custom dimension requirements for aluminium products and the capability to advise clients accurately.

✅ Prior exposure to customer or client-facing responsibilities.

✅ Excellent communicator.

✅ Structured and process-oriented.

✅ A problem solver and critical thinker.

✅ Personable, self-motivated, and vocal.

This project demands a specialist with a deep understanding of the aluminium trade, especially in client product's specifications. Your expertise will not only promote sales growth but also ensure our products meet the precise needs of our clients.

Benefits of being part of our team:

1. High-quality aluminium products sourced from reputable suppliers.

2. Profitable commission structures and incentives for every sale made.

3. Ongoing support help you maximize your earning potential.

4. Flexibility to work at your own pace and convenience, allowing you to balance your professional and personal life effectively.

5. Opportunities for growth and advancement within our organization.

6. Every sale and transaction is subject to a high commission rate

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