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DigiChat V4 Security

Prefer biders that have already worked on DigiChat V4.0 before

In DigiChat V4 , Some Bad Users Can use WPE OR Other Similar Packets Based Program to send packets to do the flowing things :

1- kick all user or one user from the chat

2- Transfer the user from room to room with out his consent

3- Create public and privet rooms and from deleting the existing rooms

4- login to the chat by invisible nick name

5- transfer all the user in the chat to one room with out their consent

6- using the restricted picture which is prohibited for user

7- Flooding in public chat and private chat

8- See the invisible moderator in the chat

9- login to the chat from other host

10- Write in the chat by using the chat master name

11- kick ChatMaster/Moderator if he have the not kick option

12- Give the permission to the chatmaster to have report about how many user has been kicked and how many user been kicked by each moderator

Project Requirments:

Advanced IP Tracking (Check Duplicated IP's as one user loging as serveral users)

Flood Secure System ( Stop users from doing foolding (Public or Private)

Receive System Secure (Block All Third party application that cause server or the Chat to overload )

Filtering the income packets from WPE PRO OR Other similar applications

Alert System - give warning to the users if they start flooding and then kick if not responding.

Log System - if something happen (create a private log file to tell the Chat Master that there are abnormal actions)

we will need to add some Bots as :

1- command from the moderator to clear band list

this order to clear the band list from any ip
can be used by any moderator have the edit band ability


it can show all the band ip in the public chat and privet
can be used by any moderator have the edit band ability
2- command from moderator to kick user who login with more than 5 names with one ip

this kick any user login to the digichat with more than 5 names in one ip address
this can be used by any moderator have the kick ability

3- Stop the flooding in the public and privet by restricting the limits of the massages
4- Command from the chatmaster to kick the moderator if his name was hacked and some one login with it because in digichat you can not kick him out only you can stop his account and if he logout he can not login again

this order you can use it in private massage to kick and moderator or user
this can be use by chatmaster only

5- Command to the moderator to know whose from the moderator is kick user and this by have status from 1 to 3 if he put it 0 he will not know and not any massage will appear to him when he login and if he put it 1 he will know whose kick and how many user has been kicked from the chat

this when the chatmaster login to the digichat it show hem the band status and he have they
choice 0 or 1 or 2
0 not show the status
1 show how many band
2 show the moderator how band user

6- Moderator can see the ips which the user login from and can see the real ip s
7- We want to block any security echo like creating rooms and doing crazy thing see the code in the attachment
8- Stop the user from using the buddy list and delete it or stop it for all
9- Stop user from login to the digichat from another host by using the parameter

Kemahiran: Pengaturcaraan C, Java

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