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Online Game Lobby and Matchmaking

This assignment supports the following outcomes:

Create peer, client and server programs which provide online chat, lobby and matchmaking features to a game software product.


Online multiplayer gaming is quickly becoming a must-have feature, even on the latest hand-held game systems. In this assignment, you will use DirectX’s networking component, DirectPlay, to implement a game lobby. Lobbies are used for “match-making” purposes, where players can chat with each other as they look for games to join. You will create a server program that provides the lobby and matchmaking features, and you will create a client program that players use to join the lobby, host a game or play in one.


1. Server program

2. Client program

Develop a C++ program based on the DirectPlay sample code provided in the DirectX 9.0 SDK (also available from the instructor), and implements the following features:

A server program that provides lobby and matchmaking features. Players can connect to the lobby and chat with each other. The server is a standalone program that provides only lobby and matchmaking features, and it is not capable of hosting a game.

Players connect to the server with a client program. Any player can choose to begin hosting a game, and up to four members in the lobby can join that game. The server will indicate when a game is full and can’t be joined. The host and players who join should be removed from the lobby list as soon as they begin hosting or playing a game.

Players are automatically returned to the lobby when their game ends or they choose to exit. The game host must update the lobby server with information about available player slots, and it must also report the termination of a game session when a game is completed. The server will update its lobby information accordingly.

The client programs should have an interface that allows players to leave a game or to start hosting a game. It should also allow players within a game to chat amongst each other.

Due Date

Today you have to let me know how you will create interface

This assignment is due in one week.

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