Project Specifications

To provide automated monitoring and control of the various climate conditions in a typical residential dwelling, design and implement a basic computer controlled programmable thermostat subsystem. The system should regulate room temperature to a desired setting and activate a heat source whenever out side the range of this programmed setting for a 24-hour period.

As part of a residential climate control system to be implemented, the Programmable Thermostat Subsystem shall provide automated monitoring and control of a desired room temperature. This system should control a heat source in accordance with a set of programmed temperature-with-time settings that a homeowner can program into the thermostat via a keyboard (keypad) and verify via a display screen.

While in the run program mode, the thermostat operates a heat source to keep the room temperature equal to the current temperature setting. The current temperature setting is based on the comparison of current time with the programmed time setting. Both settings are stored in an internal lookup table. The thermostat has three sensor devices used for computing the room temperature average. Also, it operates a heater controller connected to a heat source and a screen that displays the current room temperature and other system status information.

These are all the requirements I have done so Far

1. Using the Graphical User Interface you designed in lab 1. Build the actual interface using Visual C++. An example of an interface built using Visual Studio looks like this:

2. Write a list of functions and procedures that your system will require to operate successfully. With each function/method, turn in the actual code, including the parameters and the values being returned

3. Using the variables you defined in your lab 1, and the functions/procedures you defined in lab 4, determine how you can incorporate them into a class. Which variables should be public ? which ones should be private ? what type of code should the constructor have ?

4. Build a class that contains the information in the previous labs. Call some of the class functions from your dialog which you built in previous labs

I need help From here on

. Using the class you built in lab 5, add (if you don't have one already) a function that returns the temperature in Fahrenheit. Next, create another class that inherits your class. Let's call the derived class EuroThermo. In EuroThermo, create a function that overrides the parent class returning the temperature in Celsius.

Test your code by attaching it to the GUI you built previously

Attached is a copy of the GUI I Created Please help also help with Week 4 in building the class for the GUI I attached The one I have been creating

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