.Net telephony: On-Call Dialer

Executable applet.

2) When executed:

a. Need to connect to a SQL Server table and extract phone numbers of the active On-Call person(s).

b. Then, need to dial out (via a US Robotic modem, which is connected to the server) the phone numbers. Starting with the Primary On-Call person, then going to the Secondary On-Call person if the primary On-Call person doesn’t answer. The application should wait for 15 seconds after the phone call is connected before dialing the next phone number, if no answer. Note: Each On-Call person might have more than one phone number.

c. If no answer, after running through the list, then need to restart dialing from the beginning. This process needs to loop until someone answers.

d. If someone answers, then play a wave file. Once the wave file is completed, the application needs to wait (15 sec.) for a response. The response will be in the form of a password keyed by the On-Call person. If a valid password is given; either by typing the exact password or if the password is in sequential order within the response string. Then log the response as “Completed” and stop the executable. However, if the password is incorrect then log the call as “wrong password”, if no response within 15 seconds then log the call as “no response”, and dial the next number on the list.

e. Need to log the calls to a log file or Sql Server table. The log/table should store the following:

i. Date/Time of the call.

ii. Phone # dialed.

iii. Action: Completed, Wrong Password, No Answer

Note: Altigen SDK available.

Kemahiran: .NET, Pengaturcaraan C, Visual Basic

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