Task management system – Windows desktop application, Website and Databases

This is a Windows desktop application and also a small website and databases. It’s purpose is for people working at home to monitor and know how much time they are spending working and also to record what they are working on throughout the day. This system takes screenshots of the person’s activity on the Internet every few minutes and displays these screenshots online in the admin panel. It also allows the person to select what they are working on at the current time, and reports this as part of an email sent to their manager.

So in brief some main aspects of the system are:

• List of tasks and priorities

• Person selects the task or priority they are working on at all times

• System takes screenshots every 3 minutes and sends to server for viewing by manager

• System records how much time the person has worked that day

• System checks that the person is working by monitoring that the mouse and keyboard are active

• System emails the manager daily or weekly a list of what was worked on during the day as well as other pieces of information calculated by the system


Module 1 (the project that you will initially bid on) will work in Windows XP, Windows Vista and as many earlier versions of Windows as possible. Preferably it should work in Linux and Mac OS, but if that is too difficult it can be separated into a different module/stage of the project. The database and website should preferably be built on a LAMP platform, however if you believe that this is not the best platform for building it please let me know, and we can consider a Microsoft platform. You can also consider using Adobe Flex and Adobe Air. However I don’t think it will have the ability to create the complete functionality we are looking for. If you think it will please let me know.

The app is designed for people working around the world, working from home. It needs to work on multiple formats of machines. It should work and be compatible with multiple ISP’s.

I have provided design mockups of many of the screens in this spec document. The final product should look almost exactly like the spec documents. If you are planning to make any significant changes to the look and feel you should notify me and get agreement on it first. The original photoshop files of the mockups in this document can be provided. The html mockup of the online interface will also be provided.

Using existing code:

You will not be able to find code that does what we want in this application. It will need to be unique code. You can use components that you already have rights to, but essentially this will have to be coded from scratch.

Requirements/ Skills needed:

Windows kernel level programming experience. Probably C++ or C#. GUI and Win32 programming experience. Must be very good at building Windows Services.

Time to complete:

I expect this to take 1 ½ to 3 months for one person, depending on how fast a coder you are. I have put here 2 months to complete, however if you can demonstrate progress has been made then I can extend it to 3 months, plus a further 2-4 weeks for testing. I have broken the system down into 3 stages (Part 1, 2 and 3). Part 1 should be completed in under 1 month. If you are unable to complete part 1 in 1 month then you are probably not the right person for this job.

I have not included the full spec document with this project description. Please contact me individually to request the spec document. It is over 35 pages. Please only request it if you are a serious contender to do this job. Don’t bid on the project until you have read the spec document completely.

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