windows media player

Build a media player like itunes /windows media player within 4 weeks .

3. Platform requirements

Player should meet following basic platform requirements

3.1 Operating Systems

Windows 98SE+ Mandatory

Mac OS X Recommended

Linux/Unix Optional

4. Player

Player should be able to play standard audio & video files. Player should have standard controls like Play, Forward, Rewind, Pause & Stop. It should also have a typical time line based seek slider, allowing users to jump to specific point of the content. For this, platform built-in player can be embedded in application.

4.1 Crossfade Playback

Songs fade in and out from one track to the next by adjusting Crossfade Playback.

4.2 Sound Check

Some content may play louder than others. With sound check every content plays at the same volume.

4.3 Visualizer

Visualizer is a dynamic visual light show that accompanies your music.

4.4 Repeat Track or Playlist

Track/Playlist can be repeated by selecting this toggle button

4.5 Equalizer

Enhance the sound with the Equalizer. The Equalizer includes 22 presets — Rock, R&B, and Pop, just to name a few. Drag the frequency sliders up and down to adjust a preset or to create your own.

4.6 Mini Player

Click a button and the window transforms into a mini player. The controls in the player are stop, play, rewind, fast forward; skip to previous, skip to next, volume control

4.7 Shuffle

The Shuffle feature creates a dynamic playlist from either entire library or a specific playlist. Review upcoming songs to reorder or remove on the fly, or add songs to the mix at any time.

5. Library

Player must maintain library of all content files in logged in user's home folder.

5.1 Folder structure

Content files must further be organized in folder structure as below:

<user home folder>/<player root folder>/<category folder>/<package name>/<content file>

5.2 Add to library

Player must allow users to add content file to the library. On addition files should be copied physically to library as per folder structure

5.3 View

Library can be displayed in following different views.

• List view, similar to folder

• Grid view, similar to folder

• Cover Flow, displays album art for a package in one easy to navigate interface mimicking a CD collection or juke box.

User should be able to navigate in a library using keyboard navigation keys and/or mouse.

5.4 Search

As user is typing in search box, player should give guesses in real time. Advanced search should be also provisioned, where in search can be refined using multiple expressions. Search should be on the entire metadata of content.

5.5 Rating

Each content/package can be rated using 5 star point.

6. Content

Content info, like metadata, should be displayed. Player should be able to parse/edit standard metadata standards like ID3.

6.1 Metadata

Player should be able to view the metadata of content. User should be able to edit the metadata of content.

6.2 Join content

Player should be able to create content by joining contents without any breaks in.

6.3 Playback options

Each content can have its own playback options like

• Volume level

• Equalizer preset

• Start & stop time

• Skip this in shuffle

7. Playlists

User’s can create playlist, by adding individual content & ordering it. Or can create playlist on the fly based on genre or/and artists.

7.1 Custom Playlist

A playlist can be created by user by specifying name to it. Content can be added/removed from playlists or reordered using arrow keys or drag & drop with mouse.

7.2 Smart Playlist

Users’ can create playlist by giving following criteria

• Genre

• Artist

• Times played

• Newest

7.3 Playlist

User can manage it’s playlists by grouping together, similar to folder structure.

8. Store front

Store will display content on the online store. Online store will have separate interface for player, which will be displayed here. We could be using inbuilt IE browser for rendering.

8.1 Display store front

Store front will mimic a browser, and display a variant of online store. It should have integrated features like preview content, rate content, comment on content or tell a friend.

8.2 Login

Users should be able to login to store front.

8.3 Registration

Users should be able to register with store front.

8.4 Purchase

Users should be able to directly purchase content from store front.

8.5 Profile

Users should be able to manage profile its profile

9. Devices

Player should be able to detect devices like mobile phones, as they are connected to PC. Player should display content residing on devices.

9.1 Sync

Player should sync with mobile phone its library based on file names.

9.2 Play from device

Player should be able to directly play content from device.

10. Upgrade

Player should check from website, if its upgrade is available. Accordingly, it’s should prompt user’s to upgrade the player or inherently upgrade itself.

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