Advanced Analysis & Design

Advanced Analysis & Design C++

You are to design and build a small game to test childrens’ ability to understand money. The game will be written in C++ and use the graphical elements provided by predefined library(available for download)

The game involves a child being told in the game that they have a purse containing a small number of coins of different denominations eg one £1 coin, two 50p coins and six 10p coins. This amount can be varied so that a different maximum amount of money is available to be spent.

The child is offered a toy by the game of a certain value eg £1.50. They are expected to select sufficient coins from their purse to pay for the toy, and type in how much change they would expect.

If they are correct, they are given a positive response – if not, they are asked to try again. If they fail a set number of times, the answer is then told to them and a new problem is presented. They may quit at any time. When they quit, their score is recorded in a high score table if it exceeds any of those already present, and the high score table is displayed before the game ends.

In order to ensure the game is of a suitable level, both the maximum amount of money and maximum toy price can be specified eg by a parent as part of the game setup. The toy description or picture needs to be provided via a list in a file, so that the parent can add a new toy picture/description simply by referencing a picture filename in the list. The choice of toy and amount of money used should vary randomly so that the game can be played repeatedly.

You will provide the following deliverables:

Analysis and Design report – no more than 12 pages (60%)

Source code, executable and any necessary data files, within a Visual Studio 2005 project directory structure (30%)

Test Plan (10%)

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