Transcoding todo for ffmpeg expert

Need Streaming Engineer to enhance our HD encoder and media server application to add Video Converter feature with following specs and features: (a lot of the features already built-in to existing encoder/ media server...but doesn't have support for all file types and network streams.)


Input source/ Parameters:

1) File: mkv, mp4, 3gp, avi, vob, mov, mpg, ts, wmv

2) Network Stream: http, udb, rtmp, rtsp, rtp, hls, mms, smooth streaming

3) Live source: rca, hdmi, hdi, usb

Output Parameters with configuration:

1) File (Local archival): mkv, mp4, 3gp, avi, vob, mov, mpg, ts, wmv

2) Network Stream: rtmp, mpeg ts over UDP, rtp, HLS, rtsp, http, smooth streaming

Codecs: h264/3/2/1, mpeg1/2/3/4, webm, g711, g279, mp3, amr, aac, gsm

- Aspect Ratio Options.

- Size: Up to 1080i and support for custom ((Aspect ratio will pre populate known popular size options)

- Bitrate: Up to 5mbps and custom

- FPS: Up to 120 and custom

- Audio frequency and bitrate options

- Codec Advance configuration options like profile level for h.264.

- Built-in profiles for various frame sizes and various devices namely (from 420p to 1080p and android, ipad, iphone, bb, 3g etc.,)


- Ensure quality, precision and optimum CPU usage for up to 50 simultaneous transcoding jobs on single box.

- Logging capabilities for debugging purpose

- support for profiles up to full HD (1920X1080) @ 60fps...quality up to 100 and bitrate up to 5mbps (custom option should be possible)

- Attached is GUI Outline

- Support for on the fly deinterlacing

- Should work in windows service mode

- Configuration should be possible from GUI as well as config file

- Should work from windows and linux OS.

- Support for transcoding to original format should be possible keeping everything same expect only one of the parameters changed like bitrate, quality or framerate. If everything is kept as original, it should have zero loss of quality.

- multiple jobs on single file should be possible...for example, on a given input video file/ network stream I can specify let's say 5 output formats: 3 local file options like mp4, 3gp, mkv each with different parameters and 2 network streams rtmp and smooth streaming each with different parameters. And there could be 10 such jobs going simultaneously.

- Should autostart on crash/ input error/ bandwidth issue. (Should keep on the "job" (keep seeking) until explicitly stopped)

- Enhanced encoder and media server should be able to relay the stream(s) to another instance of our media server or industry standard media servers like w#owza, wms, fms and/or host stream(s) for viewers to directly connect and retrieve the stream(s).

- Support for adaptive bitrate streaming and timeshiftedstreaming (play, pause, ff, rewind) in media server.

- Support for 3rd party DRM on media server.

- Enhance encoder and media server components with above specs keeping the other qualities intact.

To be given: existing vc++ app sources compilable in [url removed, login to view] 2008.

Deliverable: working enhanced app with sources as per the requirements..compilable in [url removed, login to view] 2008 preferably in vc++.

Testing: Load 50 live or offline jobs and verify the quality, precision and optimum CPU/ banwidth and memory usage as compared to most popular similar applications in the market...it will be tested as per provided hardware requirement matrix table according to various profiles comparable to other popular similar applications like "s#uper" on encoder side and "w#owza" on media server side in the market.

USD 2000 is the max budget for the project. Any FFMPEG/ VLC expert should know project is optimum parameter configuration project. Assured bonus on good results.

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