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esp32 mqtt bridge

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$30-250 USD

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requirements title: to implement the code for esp32 mqtt bridge using c programming language and painlessmesh library as per the following details abstract: this project using ESP32, MQTT & ESP32 WIFI MESH network technology only professionals on the above fields may apply in this project please have a look on the diagram which illustartes the general idea of the project requirements details: as per the diagram, we have an esp32 wifi mesh network, required to send commands to esp32 nodes in this mesh, so that we can turn led on/off using mobile application, every mobile device can turn led on/off for only one predefined esp32 node in the mesh network, in other words it's a one to one relation between the mobile device and the esp32 node, when the esp32 node get the command it sends back acknowledge to the same mobile device required to implement the C code for the mqtt bridge node (esp32) using painlessmesh library, this node is the root device for the esp32 wifi mesh network and at the same time it's connected to the wifi network which contains the mosquitto mqtt broker, in other words it's connected to 2 wifi networks at the same time (esp32 wifi mesh and mosquitto wifi), the mqtt bridge node will receive command from mosquitto topic and send it to the corresponding esp32 node, then it passes back the acknowledge from esp32 and publish it on the same mqtt topic general terms: ⦁ people whom are wants to participate on this project are required to proof the experience on the relevant fields (esp32, mqtt and esp32 wifi mesh) , for example links to previous work, videos, sample codes ⦁ code is required to be clean and well documented, comment are required to illustrate every section and function of the code ⦁ variable names used in the code are required to be illustrative and describes its functionality ⦁ error handling should be in mind when designing the code, for example (failing to connect to wifi network, failing to connect to mqtt broker, failing the subscribe to topic or publish, fialing to send to esp32 node in the mesh, failing to get acknowledge from esp32, and so on) ⦁ candidate is free to ask any questions so that requirements are clear in his mind ⦁ once agreed, selected cadidate needs to provide video for his implementation shows the system working with different components, candidate may use mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub in place of the mobile app ⦁ if the video is ok and show the system working fine, candidate to send the mqtt bridge code so that i will test and check it working fine ⦁ if the code is working fine in my environment, 75% of the agreed money will be released, 25% will be released after 1 week (during this period code will be tested in different scenarios to check there is no issues and there is no need for any fixes or modifications) ⦁ please don't waste my time by using code already on the net ⦁ environment used in this project is arduino ide classic (1.8.19) ⦁ budget 70$
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Hello, my name is Hassan and I am a professional with extensive experience in the fields of esp32 mqtt bridge, c programming language and painlessmesh library. As per your requirements title, I understand that you are looking for someone to implement the code for esp32 mqtt bridge using c programming language and painlessmesh library. I believe that I am the perfect person for this project due to my extensive knowledge in these fields as well as software tools such as vs code, MATLAB/SIMULINK, python and proteus. I have worked on projects similar to this before and have proven my dedication to delivering high quality results within deadlines.
$250 USD dalam 7 hari
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Hello I am an Iot and home automation and Implementation expert. Once I go through the project description, This is the most talented field I involved and I have done many projects with Iot and Home automation with ESP32. (Arduino Iot, Thingspeak, Homekit (apple), Google Home, ESP Rainmaker, Alexa, Matter, Webscokets, etc... and ofcourse mqtt and mosqito as well. I can deliver you the 100% of your desired goal making all success. I am a hardworker with much attaention to details and the end result will be the best. because Im more consider the client satsifaction.... My deliverables will be well commented source code with simulation, APP Integration. I hope I will be able to deliver you the best product I can make for you... Looking forward to hear from you!.. Thank you & BR
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Hello, my name is Hammas and I am here to offer my services for your project. I am a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in C programming, web development, Flutter expertise and graphic design. I have a keen eye for aesthetics and a commitment to seamless functionality when working on projects. With this combination of skills and expertise, I am confident that I can deliver an exceptional solution for your needs. I understand exactly what it takes to create a successful project: requirements title, abstract and details such as code quality, environment used etc. I am confident that my skillset complements those required for this project - specifically c programming and painlessmesh library - making me the perfect fit for this project. My commitment to quality assurance means that code must be clean and well documented with variable names that illustrate functionality so users understand what they are using; error handling must be taken into consideration when designing the code so that system doesn't fail during testing; and video demonstration of system working is required before release of 75% of agreed money.
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Hi there! I'm confident that I can successfully complete this job. I have developed the air conditioner system, toy car control system and power management system. Also I have integrated the web server and arduino using wi-fi. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion. Have a great day!
$70 USD dalam 7 hari
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