Sh. Cart for used products business allowing to accept the payments from Craigs List & ebay customers.

Please read and respond only with the proposal. I will not respond to "Will be done" or offers with irrelevant links.

Again ... I need technologically sound proposal.

The inventory of the business I run is collection of absolutely unpredictable items (jewelry, electronics, bikes, musical instruments, tools, movies, video games, phones, gps... even cars sometimes). Also, items are used and need description of each item and pictures for each individual unit. It's exptremely hard to run the online shop of this type and even harder to do the SEO work. So, regular online shop is not the solution and not the goal. Well ... I can have one, but not sure it it worth the efforts.

We have certain amount of sales comming ebay and CraigsList.

Customers contacting us via email and asking some questions. Finally sometimes communication leads to some sales, but it takes to much time and customers not always arrive. Very often they ask to hold the items, but never come to pick-up.

I need to be able to automate the process.

First Step. After I am getting eMail, I need to create the page. The best way to do it is to run the crawler, which would copy my own Craigs listings and show them as pages. I am not sure if the Craigslist allows such crawlers. Basically the content of the listing and pictures are mine. If there is certain protection against such crawler, I can manually open and copy/paste my own listing into some kind of editor and list the item. The item page should look like regular web site. I have domain and hosting service.

The person contacting me should recieve the link to the item page, which provides following options:





A, B and D is very simple and cam be implemented with simple administrative settings using existed SW Shopping Cart packages included in my Hosting Service like hostmonster.

Option C is more complicated. There will be need to make additional tables to store the information about the payments made (date of each payment, date and amount of last payment, total to be paid, balance, additional fee for layaway). Buyer who enters the layaway agreement selects from proposed payment options. He can pay:

A. A% (probably will be set to 10% by administrator) down if he selects "2 weeks to pay in full" option

B. B% (probably will be set to 20% by administrator) down if he selects "30 days to pay in full" option

C. C% (probably will be set to 30% by administrator) down if he selects "45 days to pay in full" option

D. D% (probably will be set to 50% or higher by administrator) down if he selects "60 days to pay in full" option

E & F. Two monthly payment options defined by admin.

For instance: For purchases larger than $300 (to be set by admin) monthly payments allowed with 10% (to be set by admin) downpayment, but not longer than 6 months (to be set by admin).

Administrator should be able to set the item "On Layaway" manually or cancel the layaway. Layaway item page should be still publicly-visible and should have options: Ask Question, Log In (if you are one who put it on ayaway), Make an Offer.

10% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund of defaulted layaway. So, admin should see the status of layaways in a list.

Please make sure that you understand that we are talking about SSL server, so the money should come to my business bank account.

Again... I will not be able to respond to the offers containing no indication that you red the features. Please advise technical solutions, time and cost.


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