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I am looking for a programmer who can code me a Myspace Chatroom Bot. This will be a multi-socket program that will sign-in the amount of Myspace ID's I choose, then each Myspace ID will join a chatroom. The chatroom protocol is found at [url removed, login to view] Once all Myspace ID's have joined chatrooms, every 2 minutes the Myspace ID in the chatroom will send 1 message into the chat.

Structure of the program:

Step 1. Sign-in the Myspace ID's. I would like to add all my Myspace ID's in a text file, create a text file named "Bots.txt" This is the text file that the bots will sign-in from.

Step 2. Each Myspace ID will join a chatroom. I will add all the chatrooms that I want the ID's to join in a text file named "Chatrooms.txt" The first ID will join the first chat listed in the text file, the second ID will join the second chat listed in the text file, and so forth.

Step 3. Once all ID's have joined chatrooms, every 120 seconds, the ID's simotanously will send a message into the chatroom. Make a text file named "Messages.txt" which will contain the messages that will be sent into the chat.


Reconnect option: At a set time amount, let this be adjustable in minutes, all the Myspace ID's will leave the chatrooms they are in and then the program will re-sign-in new bots located from "Bots.txt", and repeat the process all over. For instance, if i set the Reconnect amount at "360 minutes" at this specific time all the bots will leave the chatroom they are in and new bots will sign-in and repeat the process of joining chatrooms found in [url removed, login to view] and sending a message into the chat every 2 minutes.

I require a single bot demo before the escrow payment is sent. The single bot demo should sign-in 1 Myspace ID, join 1 chatroom, and send a message into that chatroom every 2 minutes. This will demonstrate you are fully capable of completing this project. I am willing to pay $400!!! I need this project completed within 5-7 days.


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