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OBJECTIVE: Locate a programmer to build the following simple Hosted CMS. This is to develop the BASE CORE of the Hosted CMS System. A more robust version is anticipated, but the core must be flawless for the expansion to work.

REASON: I have several web sites that I want to manage content with, but I want to be able to manage the content from one location and from one server. In short I want to create a simplified version of the Hosted CMS offered by [url removed, login to view] (and other similar companies)with a few added features to allow others to manage the CMS without having (and not knowing) to access the CMS hosting site directly.

BASIC FUNCTIONALITY: A web site will have SNIPPETS OF CODE added to it that are used to display the content on the fly. When the web page is opened, the SNIPPET will call the HOSTCMS SERVER for the particular content to be displayed. The HOSTCMS server will then send the content to the web page, and the content will then be displayed.

A conceptual example of how the project will work is how Google Ads are displayed into a web site. An area on the website is defined by the web designer and a small portion of code is added to the defined area. The ad is then displayed when the page is loaded, by calling the Google server and then receiving the Google ad data and displaying it.

All the content and images will be stored on the CMS server/domain using mySQL database.

ACCESSIBILITY: A user can access the content editor by

1) Visiting the server directly (EXAMPLE [url removed, login to view] THIS IS NOT A DOMAIN OWNED BY ME) and logging in

2) Visiting a redirect page from the operational web site that keeps the CMS hosting server anonymous (i.e. they do not see [url removed, login to view]). Then login in from a non-descript login in page.


1) Full version of the TINYmcs editor 3.0 (use the most updated version)

2) Build image file manager/library - images are to all be stored on the HOSTCMS server. The user uploads images to the server IMAGE FILE MANAGER. Images selected to be used on any web site must be stored in IMAGE FILE MANAGER.

3) Ability to manage content on multiple websites from one portal. The user can switch from Website to Website using a drop down list of accessible websites.

4) Ability to add new websites in relation to point 3) just above.

5) Each editor section will display the code that is needed to be added to the HTML to add that particular piece of content. i.e. display the snippet code with the associated content TEXT, IMAGE, META TAG or, SCRIPT. EACH SNIPPET CODE WILL BE GIVEN A UNIQUE IDENTIFIER.

6) Ability to add multiple CONTENT areas to one HTML XHTML page.

7) Ability to add the same CONTENT area to multiple HTML or XHTML pages

8) [url removed, login to view] - the location of the hosted content will be a PHP mySQL system. ALL HTML CODE MUST BE ENCRYPTED. We Know IonCube can do this. Other suggestions will be considered. NOTE THE SELECTED BIDDER WILL BE GIVEN THE REAL DOMAIN TO BE USED AND SERVER ACCESS.

9) CONTENT will have the ability to display in PHP/mySQL, ASP/msSQL, .NET and ASP.NET websites. Please note any other systems that would be useful to be able to function properly with. There for the most universal code must be used for the SNIPPET

10) FOR THE LOGIN USER DASHBOARD - SOFT code all background colors, text colors, CMS LOGOS, CMS TEXT, etc.... I want the ability to change the look and feel of the user experience based on their user account permissions. This way the DASHBOARD for each website a user has access to can be made to match the website it is associated with.

11) Initially just one user account - FUTURE DEVELOPMENT 3 levels of user accounts

A) MASTER - access to all websites and functionality

B) ADMINISTRATOR - Access to all websites and functionality as

defined by a "PERMISSIONS SECTION" and set by the MASTER


C) Access to all websites and functionality as defined by the


access to websites and functionality that the ADMINISTRATOR

ALSO has "permission" to access. (EXAMPLE ADMIN has access

to web site A but NOT site B. ADMIN can only give USER

access to site A in the USER PERMISSION SECTION.

12) Manage 5 content types initially (this may expand it V1.0 is successful)

A) Text i.e. all functional TINYmce content (excluding media)

B) Images - display an image on a web page (this is not to

display an image gallery)

C) META TAG - Key word meta tag addition the head of HTML

D) META TAG - Google verification meta tag added to Head

E) Google Analytics script added to the end of selected page

F) OPTIONAL FOR DEVELOPER – Snippet that when placed on a

page, will allow the user to see a list of all pages from a

web site. The page will then display a list of SNIPPETS it


1) Extension to this idea, the used can sort by web

page or a particular SNIPPET. I.e. user can see

which snippets appear on which page. As well as to

see which pages a particular snippet appear on.

13) All Snippets to add content must be scrambled for security purposes.

14) SNIPPET VERIFICATION. Before the content is displayed, the program must confirm that the Snippet belongs to the domain that the web page is located on. i.e. if the domain listed on the DASHBOARD must match that of the web page. ONLY [url removed, login to view] Snippets will display on [url removed, login to view] web pages. If someone copies the code from [url removed, login to view] and pastes it to [url removed, login to view] the Snippet will not display the content, but will DISPLAY "CONTENT NOT VALID FOR THIS DOMAIN." This has two purposes

a)Prevent others from copying the SNIPPET and using the code

to display content on an unauthorized website

b)Ensure that the content for each web site is kept seperate

15) Code must be Web 2.0 Compliant

16) Code must be W3C Valid code

17) Must display in all browsers equally well.

18) Ownership rights

A)All code is original unless otherwise noted

a. Open source code must be kept in a separate folder

from the rest of the program

B)I own all the code ownership rights for all code/programming

created for the project.

[url removed, login to view] may not sell or reuse any portion of the code

[url removed, login to view] may not use this concept or idea for personal or

business benefit

[url removed, login to view] may not suggest this idea to past, current, or

future clients

19) Security meaures must be put in place to prevent hacking


NOTE: As noted above I have a plan to expand the HOSTED CMS into more robust application with a lot more features. As such, I have programmed some mockups of a potential layout for this project and CMS work flow. The winning bidder will be shown these concepts as a way to anticipate future upgrades and take those into account when programming the BASE CORE for this Project.

Kemahiran: Semua Boleh, Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat (Content Management System), MySQL

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