The Kenyalang Car Rental Centre owns a collection of microcar, saloon and multipurpose (vans, minibus) cars for customers who come to visit Sarawak.

Below are the rental fees for each of the vehicle (per day):

Microcar (Group A) : RM 80

Saloon (Group B): RM120

Multipurpose(Group C): RM 180

Motorcycle (Group D): RM20

3.3. Task

Write a program to demonstrate your ability to apply object-oriented principles in designing programming solutions for Vehicle class in the Kenyalang Car Rental System. All the class attributes must be private. The following requirements MUST be met:

Each class should has at least a method to set new values and to retrieve the values of the class attributes;

Create an array(s) with maximum size of 10 to store or record the objects you have created from Vehicle (Group A, B, C and D).

You also need to implement linked list to the same record that you save in an array above.

Your system MUST provide the following functions to manage the car rental operations:

Menu Display main menu options

Add function Ability to add new vehicle for rental.

Delete function Ability to delete existing vehicle due to loss and damage from the record.

Edit function Ability to modify the existing vehicle information.

View Ability to view all the list of vehicle in the record.

Exit Exit from the program

Your system should be able to provide all the functions listed in (f) above continuously based on user selection.

Write a special method in main file to preset (pre-defined) at least five (5) objects for each class in the record. Eg. Vehicle type etc ...

You are encouraged to use your own creativity and ideas to design your classes and functions to make your system reusable and maintainable.

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